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Thousand-Year-Old Mill Back in Action in Dorset to Supply Flour Amid Shortages Due to Coronavirus

A thousand-year-old mill located in Sturminster Newton, Dorset is back in action to mill grains and produce flour to make up for the local shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic, as footage from Wednesday shows.

The mill has all its machinery in motion thanks to a power turbine with Sturminster Newton Mill Trust Manger, Imogen Bittner, spotted working at the facility. Big bags full of flour ready to be used can also be seen after the whole process has been completed.

Talking about how she came to the idea of milling the grains to fulfil local demand, Bittner explained: “First of all I phoned around and found a lot of locals interested in having the flour because there’s such a shortage, especially bread flour so we thought we would mill a quantity of grains and distribute it to a couple of local shops and a baker.”

“We are only open from Easter till September, the end of September. We bought in the grain and we were closed down, everyone was closed down, and a lot of our volunteers are over seventy so it wasn’t possible to open at all. So, the other miller Peter and I decided that we would mill the grain,” she added.

The first reports about the mill date back to 1016, with the facility operating for commercial needs until the 1970s and serving as a tourist attraction since then, until the coronavirus brought it back in action.

So next time you are in Sturminster Newton, do not miss out on visiting the mill that has overcome the worst pandemics to keep providing people with one of the most demanded products.



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