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The Tories Coronavirus Plan Will Kill Thousands, the People Must Resist

The British government’s plan to allow the COVID-19 coronavirus to work its way through the British public stands uniquely alone in the world. While other countries follow China’s lead and put their nation on lockdown, Britain is determined to undertake a criminal plan that amounts to the survival of the fittest.

The plan has no foundation in the evidence that has been presented by the current world situation.

Initially criticised as “undemocratic” by the usual anti-Chinese warhawks, China’s policy of lockdowns, social distancing and forced quarantine has led to a massive reduction in cases, with the virus almost wiped out outside of Hubei after three months of action. China expects the virus to be essentially finished in the country by the end of March and Hubei is now officially less infectious than Italy.

“We have analysed the infections trend. So far, the daily infections in places other than Hubei have almost gone down to zero since late February,” Zhang Boli, one of 14 members on a research team working to control the epidemic told the official People’s Daily.

“According to our analysis of the statistics, we expect cities other than Wuhan in Hubei province will be basically free of [new] coronavirus patients in the middle of March. The hope is that Wuhan won’t have daily new cases in late March.”

Zhang Boli, researcher

While Italy’s response to the pandemic was slow and two weeks too late to stop the spread of the virus in the country, Rome has since enacted measures to slow the pace of COVID-19 and give their medical facilities some measure of chance at not being overwhelmed. Taking the Chinese approach, Italy has shut down the country, though, through the lateness of their actions, Italy’s health system is still on the brink of collapse and over 1000 people have already died.

Such is the success of the Chinese model that China is now sending doctors and medical equipment to Italy to help combat the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

The situation in Italy, which has reached the stage of “catastrophe medicine”, proves that the longer a government waits to enact Chinese style containment, the larger the scale of the disaster will be.

Instead of following the same model as almost every other country around the world, based on isolation and distancing, Britain has decided to “allow the virus to pass through the entire population so that we acquire herd immunity”, exposing the British public to the virus to create natural national immunity.

“The strategy of the British government in minimising the impact of Covid-19 is to allow the virus to pass through the entire population so that we acquire herd immunity, but at a much-delayed speed so that those who suffer the most acute symptoms are able to receive the medical support they need, and such that the health service is not overwhelmed and crushed by the sheer number of cases it has to treat at any one time.”

Robert Peston, ITV

Peston reports that this so-called “strategy” is the work of Boris Johnson alongside Dominic Cummings and Matt Hancock.

The plan is a disaster waiting to happen.

Logically, once significant numbers have become immune to a disease or virus, those who are not immune will have a much lower chance of catching the contagion. However, herd immunity rests on significant amounts of the population being vaccinated against the contagion in question. With no vaccine available, enacting a policy of herd immunity is a death sentence for thousands of elderly and vulnerable patients. With 10,000 believed to be infected across the UK and each victim on average believed to infect two others, British inaction in not suspending flights, allowing free movement, allowing mass gatherings and failing to create quarantine zones is spreading the virus far and wide by design.

While statistics are unbelievably low for those officially infected, the incubation period of the coronavirus makes this number deceptive, even without official tampering. The coming two weeks will see an explosion of cases and intensive care beds quickly filling to maximum capacity, as doctors and nurses themselves become infected the NHS will be brought to its knees, as will the country.

Speaking on Channel 4 News, former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt stated that “if only 5% of the population get it and only 5% of them need intensive care beds, then that is still over 150,000 people and we only have 4,000 intensive care beds.” However, if allowed to run through the population then upward from 80% of the population will be infected and by April over 40 million could be infected. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that the mortality rate of the coronavirus is 3.4% and the current population of the United Kingdom is just over 66 million. If the top estimate of 95% of the British public were exposed to the disease and the mortality rate remained at 3.4% then over 2 million people would be dead.

It is too late to stop the spread of the coronavirus and we can only now slow it as best we can to ensure the NHS remains functional and deaths remain at a minimum. Boris Johnson and the Conservative government’s slowness in response to what has been a well documented worldwide crisis is beyond a scandal, their policy of “herd immunity” in place of social distancing is criminal in its intent. Britain must enact policies in-line with China and Italy or face a disaster unprecedented in scale since the Second World War.

Telling the public to wash their hands and “take it on the chin” is not going to cut it.

Given recent stories surrounding the government’s views on eugenics and long-standing record of punitive policies taken against the disabled and poor, it is not hard to imagine that those at the highest level are willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of the most vulnerable in society.

Britain needs immediate and massive social distancing.

Should Boris Johnson continue to refuse to enact a policy of social distancing then the British public must take it upon themselves to take action and remove their children from education, refuse to attend mass gatherings and entertainments, stop using public transport, begin immediate strike action and, where possible, isolate themselves. Devolved governments, local authorities, opposition MPs and those in positions of responsibility have a moral duty to not only organise the people but to disobey and resist the government in their efforts at instilling herd immunity, a policy that will be social cleansing in all but name.

The British people must put aside the differences that have plagued us for years and work together for the common good. Those who can do so must volunteer and donate in any way we can, we must ensure we check on the welfare of our elderly and our vulnerable, we must stop profiteering and ensure that everyone gets their fair share of essential goods.

Billions being funnelled into the economy to prop it up alongside tales of the super-rich jetting off to safety prove what we’ve always known, that the elites will not stand with the people in a crisis. The British public is on their own in what has the potential to be the biggest crisis we will face in a generation, only the solidarity of people will see us through.



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