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Strangelove Swinson Still Eager to Nuke Somebody

Jo Swinson’s peculiar eagerness to let the British public know that she’d be happy to launch a nuclear strike was reaffirmed last night as she again pressed the button home on her nuclear credentials.

Seemingly unfazed by the fact that launching a nuclear strike in 2019 would be likely to instantly make the perpetrator one of the biggest mass killers in world history, Swinson again gave an immediate “yes” when asked whether she would launch nuclear weapons as part of ITV’s debate sideshow.

The comments come after Swinson’s previous statements on nuclear annihilation earlier this month where she again insisted that she’d be willing to launch a nuclear attack. Such is Strangelove Swinson’s commitment to the atom that she even ruled out working with Jeremy Corbyn for his long-standing opposition to nuclear weapons.

The comments come despite the fact that in 2010 Swinson claimed to want to scrap the UK’s nuclear arsenal.

The new focus on nuclear holocaust from the Lib Dems is a curious one as it will only alienate traditional Lib Dem voters who are more likely to want to hear about investments in avocado research than the mass extinction of life on earth. Nor too is it likely to attract the Tory “muh country” crowd with bulldog Twitter avatars and union flag headers, that crowd being as likely to vote Lib Dem as they are likely to be inviting Gerry Adams round for Christmas dinner.

Yet here we are, with the so-called “liberal” willing to atomise millions of foreigners.

That is to say that we presume the intended target of Jo Swinson’s belligerence would be abroad, yet given her admiration for Margaret Thatcher perhaps the people of Liverpool and, in fact, the entire north of the country should be wary of Swinson’s intentions. 

After all, there’s no telling what somebody who wants a statue of Maggie might do.

To add insult to injury, Swinson wrote her call for a statue in The Daily Mail

“She had long-term vision about our country’s future.”

Jo Swinson on Margaret Thatcher

Swinson’s complete u-turn on her nuclear policy shows the influence that the coalition years in government seemingly had on her political convictions with Swinson now being a hawkish Conservative in all but official name.

Swinson has regularly voted in line with Conservative party policy during those coalition years, voting for austerity, voting against raising benefits, voting against higher benefits for those unable to work through disability and voting against guaranteeing jobs for young people. She voted to raise VAT, increase the income tax threshold and for increases to tuition fees. She voted to end financial support for young people in training and against slowing the rise in the cost of train fares. Seemingly a fan of the bankers and corporatism, Swinson voted against taxing banker’s bonuses, against stricter regulations on the gambling industry, voted for reducing corporation tax and voted to privatise Royal Mail.

Indeed, Swinson’s shade of yellow was so blue that she voted in line with the Tory whip more than Michael Gove, a man so Tory that it would surprise nobody if he wore a Thatcher skin-mask around his country estate like a political Norman Bates.

Under Swinson the Lib Dems have become the natural home of full-fledged conservatism, with ex-Tories such as Sarah Wollaston, Phillip Lee, Sam Gyimah, Heidi Allen and Antoinette Sandbach all joining the party after either being sacked by Boris Johnson or resigning from the Conservative Party.

Swinson’s comments have not gone down well online, with the Lib Dem leader accused of hypocrisy and insanity, with her comments being seen as yet a further betrayal of the values of Liberal Democrat members who generally hold anti-nuclear, pro-peace and pro-environment views.



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