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Socialist Labour NEC Candidate Suspended for Calling Chief Rabbi “a Tory”

The Labour witch-hunt against socialist and anti-apartheid activists has reached new levels of absurdity as it was revealed that Labour NEC candidate Graham Durham has been suspended for calling the Chief Rabbi “a Tory”. This, like defending human rights and A Christmas Carol, is now antisemitic.

Speaking on Twitter, Graham openly admitted that he had called Ephraim Mirvis “a Tory” and added that “they don’t want a socialist anti-racist in the ballot for the NEC”.

According to the discredited and pro-Zionist Jewish Chronicle, Graham was suspended following a meeting with Momentum’s chosen one Rebecca Long-Bailey, having criticised her over her new pro-Zionist outlook by saying that “she has been cuddling up to the Jewish Labour Movement and the Chief Rabbi, a well-known Tory. We should not be allowing that.” Durham stated that the claim was inaccurate but the actual criticism he did offer was roundly applauded by those in attendance.

The Chief Rabbi was largely seen as having made an outrageous intervention on behalf of Boris Johnson at the last election, issuing a condemnation of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in their handling of the engineered “antisemitism crisis”, a campaign of disinformation widely spread by Labour centrists, Zionists, and other assorted members of the far-right.

The latest move comes following an attempt earlier this month to suspend Jo Bird and Mohammed Azam, both also seeking election to the NEC. Both Bird and Azam are very popular amongst Labour’s real socialist grassroots, being opposed by Momentum who have long since proved themselves to be fifth column professing “socialism” while, in fact, positioning themselves far nearer the liberal centre.

It was just days ago that Momentum founder Jon Lansman showed his true colours on Twitter when he launched a vile anti-socialist tirade against Skwawkbox. Lansman’s offensive Tweet was in response to a Skwawkbox poll that put Jo Bird ahead of Momentum’s anointed candidates.

Image via Skwawkbox

This latest piece of theatre from the Zionist lobby and it’s many backers in the Labour Party, which sadly must now be said to include Momentum, continues to not only undermine socialists, human rights campaigners and anti-apartheid activists within Labour but also undermine the vital fight against genuine antisemitism as the term becomes increasingly meaningless when wielded in the hands of those who back Israel’s genocidal abuse of the Palestinian people.

The ongoing attempts by Momentum to ensure that its anointed and approved candidates are elected to the NEC and Labour leadership positions continues to undermine party democracy, the group straying far from its original socialist and youth-driven intent.

Main Image: Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Ephraim Mirvis speaking at the Commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day event, 23 January 2018. | Foreign and Commonwealth Office



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