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Right-Wing Trolls Are Attacking the Father of London Bridge Terror Victim Jack Merritt

The tragic and untimely death of the two young victims of the London Bridge attack on Friday has brought an outpouring of grief over the loss, with many highlighting the inspiring work and lost potential of Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones.

Reports over the weekend have revealed that Jack was a supporter of left-wing causes and the rights of refugees, immigrants and ethnic minorities, with his father David speaking out to ask that his memory not be politicised against his late son’s wishes.

Mr Merritt has been vocal against the likes of the Boris Johnson and Daily Mail using the death of his son to further their own right-wing agenda.

The anti-Johnson, anti-Brexit and anti-racist stance of Jack and David Merritt has now drawn the attention of right-wing trolls on Twitter, with vile messages being sent to the freshly grieving father.

Some of these messages are highly offensive and abusive, contain Islamophobic content and those printed here are merely a small selection of the hundreds of vile messages being directed at Mr Merritt

Many have continued to use the death of Jack Merritt as a political football, accusing “left-wingers” and Labour of being responsible and ensuring that Mr Merritt was included in those postings.

Many of the disgusting posts have claimed the murder of Jack Merritt is “karma” for his anti-racist views.

The most vile messages, however, have been those that have blamed David for the death of his own son.

Many of these messages constitute clear breaches of the Malicious Communications Act which states that it is a criminal offence to send threatening, offensive or indecent letters, electronic communications or articles with the intent to cause distress or anxiety to the recipient. We urge all readers who see such vile abuse to report it to the police and to Twitter, Facebook or the relevant social network and stand in solidarity and sympathy with Mr Merritt and the other family of Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones at this time of loss.



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