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Police Charge Pro-Catalan Independence Protesters During El Clásico

Police clashed with pro-Catalan independence protesters at Camp Nou stadium as Barcelona played against Real Madrid on Wednesday, thousands having gathered there to demand dialogue between the Spanish state and the pro-Catalan independence movement.

Protesters can be seen gathering and protesting outside the stadium where police forces gathered in force to meet them, later clashing with police as night fell in the city.

The demonstrations escalated as protesters were setting fire to rubbish containers and throwing rocks at police. Protesters also set fire to barricades to block access from the police and clashed with officers with the police deploying rubber batons in an attempt to bring order.

The protest has been called on by the Tsunami Democratic group, with thousands signing up to join in. Barcelona has been rocketed by pro-independence demonstrations since the imprisonment of nine Catalan leaders in mid-October.

The biggest match of the La Liga had already been postponed to a later date before due to the protest activities in the city.



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