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No, Jeremy Corbyn’s Pronunciation of “Epstein” Is Not Antisemitic and This Nonsense Has Jumped the Shark

In what can only be described as a trifecta of “jumping the shark” moments for the ongoing anti-socialist “antisemitism” smear campaign, Jeremy Corbyn was yesterday first accused of being an antisemite for “incorrectly” pronouncing the name of Jeffrey Epstein before being accused of yet further antisemitism by advising Boris Johnson to read A Christmas Carol. No, really. The day was rounded off by who else but Rachel Riley.

“Jumping the shark” is a phrase derived from the classic American TV Series Happy Days. Fans of the show contend that it devolved into poorly written absurdity following an episode where Fonzie is seen to jump a shark on waterskis. The phrase “jump the shark” has since come to refer to any one single incident you can point to where something descends to such a level of awfulness that it is no longer relevant and holds no interest to the public at large.

We have three.

During the televised ITV debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson, questioning turned to the ongoing scandal involving Prince Andrew and his connections to the silenced American sex trafficker and paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

While Boris Johnson was clear in his commitment to protecting the monarchy, stating that “the royal family is beyond reproach”, Corbyn was committed only to supporting the victims of the alleged sex trafficking ring and the due process of law.

However, for some, the disgraceful conduct of Epstein and Andrew wasn’t what they took from the moment, nor was it Johnson’s defence of the position of the royal establishment, it was instead Jeremy Corbyn’s pronunciation of “Epstein”.

The absurdist claims from Corbyn opponents that he had deliberately pronounced “Epstein” as “Epschtein” to highlight the fact that the sex offender was Jewish were quickly dismantled as the last dredges of a long worn out conspiracy theory.

American news outlets regularly refer to Jeffrey Epstein as “Epsteen”, the New York Times and ABC News amongst them. Jeffrey Epstein, for the record, actually pronounced his name as Jeffrey “Epstin”, making a total of four pronunciations from differing sources – Epstein, Epsteen, Epschtein and Epstin.

As something of an illustration of the level that this absurd conspiracy theory has now sunk, the Epstein affair wouldn’t even be the most ridiculous claim of the day, nor the lowest.

Obviously not satisfied with his Epschtein slurs, Corbyn was judged to have driven home his Judenhass by advising Boris Johnson to read A Christmas Carol.

This is not satire.

Well damn.

We’re guessing that makes Jim Carrey, Patrick Stewart and the Muppets antisemites now as well. Or indeed anyone else who has ever appeared in a Dickens play, movie or even read his books.

Maybe they should be banned?

Particularly confusing about this claim is the fact that Simon Callow played Scooge in 2001’s Christmas Carol: The Movie and Charles Dickens himself in Doctor Who. Callow was one of the signatories to the anti-Corbyn letter that The Guardian saw fit to publish on November 14th.

Perhaps his name needs to be struck off the letter after this revelation from Rabbi Solomons.

These twin absurdist claims merely show that the bottom of the barrel has been reached and the “antisemitism” smear campaign against Corbyn and Labour has bottomed out. Faced with a Labour that is steadily rising in the polls and an excellent performance at the podium against Johnson, those spreading this fake news are undoubtedly in full panic mode as they have nothing left to throw at the wall.

And then there’s this.

The “antisemitism” smear campaign has long since passed from fake news into being a legitimate threat to both the democratic process and the fight against antisemitism. Passing off absurdist claims such as those seen here as “antisemitism” cheapens and lessens the very real and dangerous threat from actual far-right antisemitism that is an ever-present the world over.

Those that spread this fake news, however, have no interest in that, merely promoting their own agenda to ensure that Jeremy Corbyn and a socialist Labour Party never ascend to power. It takes a profound and deep-seated belief in racial supremacy to conduct such a hate campaign against a socialist politician through nothing more than a fear that he will defend the human rights of Palestinians.

Those who deny that these smears exist as an agenda pushed against a future socialist government by the pro-Israeli far-right, Conservative opponents and the so-called state of Israeli itself would do well to remember the 1924 Zinoviev letter where a fake news campaign concocted and spread by the Tories, the Russian far-right and the anti-Socialist press attempted to portray Labour as being in league with the Russia Communist Party. The fake letter lost Labour the 1924 election in one of the darkest days that British democracy has ever seen.

The claims of widespread antisemitism have long since been proven to be a fabrication, with those pushing the agenda known to be members of far-right Zionist and Islamophobic groups with links to the likes of the EDL and Tommy Robinson and those opposed to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

In 2017, the landmark Al Jazeera series The Lobby exposed the Israeli regime’s interference in the British political process. Undercover footage showed Shai Masot, senior political officer at the Israeli embassy, plotting to “takedown” the Conservative MP Alan Duncan. The video goes on to show Masot informing Labour Friends of Israel chair Joan Ryan that he has access to “more than 1 million pounds” of Israeli funding to bring sympathetic politicians to Israel for junkets.

The implication of financial rewards and favours for positions sympathetic toward the far-right Israeli government is made quite clear in the documentary as is the extent of the links between Labour Friends of Israel and the Israeli government, other footage showing Labour activists discussing the apartheid state’s role in backing their activities.

The Lobby stands as a piece of primary evidence against the so-called “antisemitism crisis”, a theory now widely debunked as the machinations of the Israeli government and sympathisers in the Labour Party, including both those who are actually pro-Israel and those merely opposed to the socialist leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

A 2017 YouGov poll shows that while 32% of Labour members endorsed an antisemitic statement, 40% of Conservative Party members endorsed the comments and 39% of UKIP members did.

While it should go without saying that Jeremy Corbyn is a longstanding anti-racist campaigner and ally of the Jewish people, here’s a handy list of 50 times that Corbyn stood in solidarity with the community. There are, of course, many more.

Jewish Voice for Labour, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Jewish Socialists’ Group, Jewdas and Independent Jewish Voices have all condemned suggestions that Labour is antisemitic, all stating that the accusations are designed to conflate antisemitism with criticism of Israel and undermine the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Others who’ve backed Corbyn include Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Yanis Varoufakis, Brian Eno, Rob Delaney, Angela Davis, Steve Coogan, Alexei Sayle, Maxine Peake, Roger Waters, Jason Hickel, Francesca Martinez, Lowkey, David Adler, Raoul Martinez, Miriam Margolyes, Massive Attack, Vivienne Westwood, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), John Keane, Michael Mansfield QC, Adjoa Andoh, Mike Leigh, Michael Rosen, Robert Cohen, Mark Ruffalo, Amir Amirani, Mark Rylance, Caryl Churchill, Kate Tempest, Jocelyn Pook, David Graeber (London School of Economics), Des Freedman (Goldsmiths, University of London) and Justin Schlosberg (Birkbeck, University of London). All the names listed signed a letter on November 16th to affirm their backing of Jeremy Corbyn against the campaign.

“we are outraged that Jeremy Corbyn, a life-long committed anti-racist, is being smeared as an anti-semite by people who should know better. Antisemitism is a problem within society and is present within all political parties and movements, including Labour. It must be confronted and rooted out at every turn. No political party or political leader has done more to address this problem than Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.”

November 16th letter

Prominent Jewish thinkers Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein have spoken publically on the smear campaign.

The purge forced out Chris Williamson MP and has seen the suspension or expulsion of dozens of pro-Palestinian, anti-racist and anti-apartheid campaigners including Jackie Walker, journalist Asa Winstanley, Marc Wadsworth and the actor John Graham Davies. There were also been calls for Richard Burgon to resign after he correctly labelled Zionism as an “enemy of peace”.

In May, the Orwellian campaign saw Peter Willsman being suspended from the party for highlighting the fact that the “antisemitism” conspiracy theory is being pushed by far-right Israeli extremists and “indirectly” from the Israeli embassy.

Israel has openly admitted using such tactics in their propaganda war against critics.

“Vaknin-Gil Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs [has] stated ‘I want to create a community of fighters,’… She said she planned to ‘flood the internet’ with Israeli propaganda that would be publicly distanced from the government. Vaknin-Gil conceded that BDS activists’ human rights arguments are so compelling at the grassroots in Europe and the US that ‘over there, unless we will do something, we will lose.'”

Dorset Eye
A breakdown of the 2017 YouGov poll shows that antisemitism fell under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn between 2015 and 2017.

The fact that LFI is essentially a propaganda exercise for the Israeli government is almost undeniable at this stage and not only linked to ongoing interference in the British political process but also engages in the dissemination of propaganda and conspiracy theories in an effort to undermine the democratically elected leader of the opposition.

The fact that Labour Friends of Israel even exists is a scandal.

Israel is a state in violation of numerous international laws, it is a state that has, since 2000, been responsible for 10,000 Palestinian deaths, 2,500 of them children. It has shown a willingness to promote interference in the political process and spread false propaganda to undermine the leadership of the party.

In 2001, Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith ordered the Monday Club to suspend it’s links to the Tories until such time as the group proved it was not a racist endeavour. Perhaps it’s time that the Labour Party took similar action against the Labour Friends of Israel. The group is hugely opposed by grassroots Labour and has done little beyond undermining the Party and the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and equally facilitating the suspension and expulsion of countless socialists and human rights activists.



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