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Mercenary Captured in Venezuela Discusses Plan to Seize Airport Tower and Kidnap Maduro

Venezolana de Televisión state TV published on Thursday footage of statements by Airan Berry, one of the United States ‘mercenaries’ captured and accused of involvement in a failed raid on the Venezuelan coast last Sunday.

In the two videos, the alleged former US Green Beret explained the details of the purported operation. “The targets were the DGCIM, SEBIN, Miraflores, and the airport control tower,” he said.

He also showed a contract signed by “Juan Guaido, Jordan Goudreau and Juan Rendon,” which supposedly explained their “responsibilities with Silvercorp” and specified payment to the company for services rendered.

Last Sunday, a maritime incursion into Venezuelan territory with the purported aim of capturing President Nicolas Maduro and flying him to the US was foiled by government forces. Among those detained were at least two US citizens who were acting as ‘mercenaries’ allegedly in the pay of the US company Silvercorp, according to available reports.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has denied the involvement of his country in this operation.

Credit: VTV



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