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Morales Resigned to Avoid 'Bloodshed' Says Ecuadorian Ally Rafael Correa

Ecuadorian former president Rafael Correa said his Bolivian ally Evo Morales resigning to avoid “bloodshed” in an interview with RT via video call from Brussles on Monday.

Correa praised Morales’ “responsible” attitude when deciding to resign in the face of a “coup d’état”, with the armed forces and police having “mutinied” and “revolted” to avoid “widespread bloodshed”. He recalled that the Bolivian leader won the elections, and that the initial discussion was about whether he had done so with a big enough margin to avoid a second round.

He criticised the attitude of the opposition and the right wing, which, according to him, caused houses to be burnt down and ministers and their families to be kidnapped and threatened, leading to several resignations.

He also accused the OAS [Organization of American States] of supporting the coup and stressed the need for international experts to review their study which claimed there was electoral fraud in the Bolivian elections. “If that report is correct, the guilty must be punished. And if it’s not correct, Latin America already has to make decisions. We cannot continue to be subjected to what Fidel Castro called the Ministry of the Colonies, the OAS,” Correa said.

He ended by saying that the left-wing countries of Latin America are a “danger to the system” and that injustices cannot be fixed without confrontation. He told the Bolivian opposition to take advantage of their “momentary triumph,” because, if they achieve their goal [of governing the country], the Bolivians will soon miss the government of Evo Morales and [Vice President] Álvaro García Linera.

Bolivia is currently going through a political crisis following disputed presidential election results which narrowly gave Morales enough votes to avoid a run-off.

The Organisation of American States (OAS) called for the result to be annulled, prompting Morales to call new elections, a proposal rejected by opposition candidate Carlos Mesa.



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