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‘Moral Is Bottom-down’ As NYC Paramedics Grapple With Coronavirus

Anthony Almojera, a paramedic from New York City, said emergency services besides being overloaded are getting far more calls for cardiac arrests than usual amidst the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday.

“I did 16 hours and I had 13 cardiac arrests. Twelve of those patients’ families said that the persons had symptoms of the corona,” Anthony said.

He continued: “The number of cardiac arrests that’s when people have a pulse and are not breathing is over 200 daily. We had some days over 200, we had a spike of over 400 at one day.

At a normal every day week as a paramedic you get maybe one or two. The average of the Fire Department says it’s about 60 to 80 a day.” Anthony went on to say that more and more emergency service workers are getting infected with COVID-19 while performing their duties. One of his colleagues had recently lost his life, from the coronavirus which Anthony believes he got while working, and the New York City Fire Department “has refused to recognise it as a line of duty death.”

“If you want to talk about moral, it’s bottom down,” the paramedic continued. “The things that keep us going is that we are dedicated to helping people in the city. They come to work, despite not being supported, there is a sense of duty in them, they know the city needs us.”

New York City and its surrounding areas have become a new epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic with almost 11,586 people died. As of Thursday morning, the US has registered 644,348 coronavirus cases and 28,554 deaths.



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