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Labour Reaffirms Pledge To Ban Fracking

The Labour Party has reaffirmed its pledge to ban fracking as new research by the party suggests that Conservative plans to support the controversial industry would unleash the CO2 equivalent of almost 300 million cars.

Anti-fracking protest, Horse Hill | Ian Capper

Speaking in Lancashire at the weekend, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reaffirmed his party’s pledge to ban fracking in favour of a sustainable and secure energy policy.

“The Conservatives fracking plans will damage our environment and fly in the face of community opposition. There is a clear alternative to fracking. Clean, renewable energy is the future of our economy and will create over 400,000 jobs as part of Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution. Local communities in Lancashire and across the country are standing against fracking. In government, Labour will ban it once and for all.”

Jeremy Corbyn MP

While the Conservative party has unofficially withdrawal it’s support for alternatives such as nuclear, tidal and wind power, Labour has pledged to reverse the trend and invest in renewable energy and increase governmental support for both the offshore wind and nuclear power sectors.

“Fracking can’t be part of the solution to climate change. These figures demonstrate the enormous debt we owe to the communities and campaigners who have fought back against fracking and prevented the Tories from pushing our country off a climate cliff. With the High Court ruling only this month that the government’s policy is unlawful and schoolchildren marching on the streets for climate action, the government needs to realise that this isn’t just a public relations exercise. It’s beyond time for them to change course and ban fracking before it’s too late.”

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

The new research suggests that through fracking Britain’s emissions would increase 20 fold and unleash seven billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, decimating the legally binding targets that the Conservatives are already failing to meet.

Illustration of hydraulic fracturing and related activities | US Environmental Protection Agency

While officially giving lip-service to the Paris agreement, the Tories have equally come under increasing criticism for holding secret meetings with fracking firms as they seek to “export the UK model” of fracking around the world.



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