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Keir Starmer Openly Admits He Will Back Government No Matter What They Propose

Simping Starmer’s Leadership of the Tory Admiration Society in Full Swing

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has gone on record to state that he will support the Conservative government over the COVID-19 crisis no matter what Boris Johnson proposes.

Speaking to Andrew Marr on Sunday, Starmer doubled-down on Labour’s position of backing Boris Johnson on the issue and continued to follow the recent pattern that is coming under increasing criticism from Labour Party members.

Subtly asked directly by Marr whether Starmer will agree with Johnson no matter what he says, the Labour leader was emphatic in his response.

Starmer: “I want the Prime Minister to set out today, or tomorrow, what action he proposes to take. Not to tell us what’s going to happen in two…”

Marr: “And you’ll agree with him, whatever it is…”

Starmer: “I will agree with him”

The trend of Starmer’s Labour backing Johnson’s position on the coronavirus has seen the so-called leader of the opposition demand that the government reopen schools, supporting the already existing policy of the Tories. Starmer gave the comments in a column for the racist Daily Mail, stating that he didn’t “just want all our children back in school, I expect it”. 

The comments have come under increasing fire over the past week as it was revealed that 20,000 school children are now self-isolating as they can’t get access to COVID-19 tests with 82% of headteachers stating that they have children missing classes.

Starmer has continued to urge the government to take action that they’re already at least making a pretence of taking. His latest demand seems to be that they guarantee the coronavirus will take the festive period off so everybody can enjoy roast turkey and remdesivir on Christmas Day.

While we are of course no political strategists, completely backing a government that is seen as failing miserably at a crisis they should have complete control over can only be seen as a “brave” policy at best, And we mean that in the truest Yes Minister sense of the word.

With the real UK coronavirus death toll standing at over 65,000, why Labour wish to repeatedly highlight their complicity in the carnage is anyone’s guess. Perhaps we can at least say something for honesty.



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