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Jess Say No: Jess Philips Is a Strikebreaker

Since announcing her candidature for the Labour leadership yesterday, Labour grassroots activists have reacted with a mixture of amusement and anger at Jess Phillips impending role in the race. Already criticised for her issues surrounding racism and transphobia, Phillips has now been revealed as a strikebreaker.

One of the sacred rules of labour politics is the sanctity of the strike and the solidarity of all united and allied workers with those taking industrial action against their management or companies.

However, it seems that Jess Philips would be more than willing to stop strikes if she ever had the power to do so.

Writing in response to concerns over the 2017 bin strike in Birmingham, Phillips stated that she didn’t “have the power to stop the strike” but “if I had that power I would have used it”.

This latest revelation will only confirm what most realised long ago, that Jess Philips doesn’t believe in a single aspect of socialist or even left-wing ideology, instead being a right-of-centre neoliberal with little interest in the needs of the working class, nor any interest in standing in solidarity with the workers.

Indeed, the only thing that Jess Phillips seems to actually believe in is Jess Phillips.

Yesterday we noted how Phillips has been a guest of Rupert Murdoch at his million pound London Penthouse, partying with the likes of Dominic Raab and Priti Patel.

Far from only lacking solidarity with socialism and left-wing Labour, Phillips seems to more interested in greasing the poles of the connected and wealthy, being in attendance at Rupert Murdoch’s Penthouse Party and being far too comfortable around Jacob Rees-Mogg.

“Rupert Murdoch threw what sounds like the party of the night with selected MPs, celebs and media types invited to a private drinks event at his grand penthouse apartment in St James, overlooking Green Park. Daiquiris were on the menu… Among the politicians chosen to toast the season with Murdoch and wife Jerry Hall were Dominic Raab … Tom Tugendhat … Kemi Badenoch … Jess Phillips … Priti Patel … and Rishi Sunak. They mingled with celebs including Bill Wyman … Grayson Perry … and Bob Geldof … Plus Murdoch’s most senior hacks including Tony Gallagher … John Witherow … Martin Ivens … Tom Newton Dunn … Adam Boulton … Beth Rigby … Iain Martin … Danny Finklestein … And a few more big names from the media world including Daily Mail Editor Paul Dacre … London Evening Standard owner Evgeny Lebedev … and Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson.”


Not to mention her quite repulsive mutual admiration society with Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Jess Philips is what Guardian-reading liberals think a working-class person is. She is a creation. An individual who believes that being loud and crude is what makes a person working class, rather than the nature of their circumstance, the manner of their labour and the culture of their birth. As much as she tries to appeal to working-class sensibilities, her actions and words betray the truth of who she is.

For every false platitude she spouts, there will always be a party with Rupert Murdoch, another knees-up with Jacob Rees-Mogg and another threat to break a strike.

Labour supporters will not fall for Jess Philips’ duplicity.



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