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Jeremy Corbyn Is a Disgrace to Britain – a Conservative Writes

Red Revolution is devoted to airing a wide range of views and opinions and we are therefore delighted to welcome comment from Fenston Arbuthnot-Drummond MP, the Conservative member for Innsmouth.

How dare Mr Corbyn insult our glorious and most noble royal family in the way he has by saying he doesn’t watch the Queen’s Christmas speech. Does he not understand the centuries of devotion that Their Majesties have given to our glorious nation? Does he not understand the important tradition of the loyal subjects listening enraptured to the Queen and her sage wisdom?

After sending the children back to the nanny, what patriotic Englishman doesn’t sit down on Christmas Day with a glass of port or sherry, stand with his chest puffed proudly at the national anthem and wonder, with tears in his eyes, at the glory of the moment?

From the artistry of the paintings to the wealth of the gold piano, from the sparkling beauty of the jewels, who doesn’t feel a stirring in their loins at the sight of her most noble Majesty addressing her subjects? Who hasn’t had to use a cushion to hide their visible arousal at the sheer glory of that special moment every Christmas?

His rejection of this great tradition merely shows once more that Mr Corbyn is a monster.

Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson was right when he stated that the royal family is above reproach. Does anybody in Britain really care that the Royals have “covered up” claims of “sex trafficking” by the wonderful Prince Andrew? Does anybody really care where his secret fortune actually comes from?

Nobody cares about Prince Charles’ close friendship with Jimmy Savile or that Bishop, nobody cares about that incident with the butler. The loyal millions only wish to show their appreciation for all that the royal family has done for us. Except for Megan Markle of course.

It is not the place of ordinary and common folk like Mr Corbyn to question the royal family, nor oppose them. It is not their place to question or oppose people like myself, or other members of the establishment. It is the law of nature and the law of Darwin, the lesser members of the species fall to the bottom while those with superior genes rise to the top and prosper. Knowing and understanding this, the common folk of Britain have forever supported their betters and backed the royal family.

The place of the common folk is to doff their hat to the establishment and nothing more.

The fact that Mr Corbyn feels he may challenge this time-honoured tradition of servitude is outrageous. 

Just yesterday the man posed with a statue of Robin Hood in Nottingham while our Prime Minister last week had the honour of unveiling a statue of Nancy Astor, famed as the first female MP and her interesting opinions on the extermination of the Jews. Would you rather stand with a man who supports literal theft from your betters or a man who celebrates the great diversity of opinion we have in this country? 

I know who I and many other Conservatives prefer.

So while unwashed agitators may complain about the Prime Minister referring to homosexuals as “tank topped bum boys” or immigrants from the colonies as “letterboxes”, while they may give the age-old complaint that the rich and the royals are “robber barons”, they would do well to remember that this is the country of Wat Tyler, not Vladimir Lenin.

The Prime Minister has correctly referred to the lower orders as the “drunken”, “criminal” and “aimless” class that they are, raising children who are “ill-raised”, “ignorant”, “aggressive” and “illegitimate” and yet they remain steadfastly loyal to the Crown and the country. They may be a rabble but they are OUR rabble and will do exactly what we tell them, not some Marxist riding a Chairman Mao bicycle.

Corbyn says that he visits a homeless shelter instead of watching the Queen’s speech and this shows the measure of the man. He would rather spend his time with unfortunates than bask in the glory of this country and our long history of empire and servitude.

What more do the masses need when deciding who to vote for?



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