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Italy: Protesters Dress Up As Zorro to Mock Salvini and His Stolen Childhood Doll

Anti-fascist groups organised counter protests for Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s visit to Bari on Tuesday, on the eve of European elections.

Protesters chanted anti-facist slogans and carried critical of Salvini and his party’s stance on migration.

Some demonstrators dressed as Zorro, the fictional hero, in an effort to mock Salvini, as it was revealed that his Zorro doll was stolen from him as a child. The Zorro protesters in turn demanded that Salvini’s party Lega return fraudulently claimed election expenses.

“As a sign of protest we wear masks of Zorro. We want him to return the €49 million stolen by his party [Lega],” said Rafaele, one of the Zorros.

Protests have followed Salvini everywhere as he tours the country campaigning for Lega in the European parliamentary elections.



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