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It Is Time to Leave Labour. We Endorse the Workers Party of Britain.

As Sir Keir Starmer, knight of the realm, continues to build a bonfire atop the last remnants of Labour socialism, disaffected socialists in the party have faced a simple choice ahead – should they stay or should they go? Sadly, that answer is now glaringly obvious.

In less than a month since becoming leader, Starmer has committed the party to another historic betrayal over the rights of of the Kashmiri people, siding with the fascist Narendra Modi. He has refused to reject the Israeli lobby and their racist war on BAME Labour supporters and members such as Diane Abbott, Bell Ribeiro-Abby, Jackie Walker and Salma Yaqoob. he has, of course, stood with far-right Zionists over the people of Palestine. He has been ineffectual, detached and refused to hold the government to account.

He has, in short, performed exactly as socialists believed he would.

Those who remain with Labour face an impossible struggle against their own party which is no longer being run in the interests of the people. Rather, it is once again controlled by the interests of wealthy donors, foreign states and biased media. Those whose voices get too loud will be suspended or threatened with suspension if they refuse to tow the neoliberal line.

Socialists have a fight ahead whether they leave or remain inside Labour, yet the chances of success inside are slim to non-existent. Never again will the centrist establishment make the mistake of allowing a Jeremy Corbyn into power, never again will they allow even the possibility of a change in ideological direction, no matter what the national circumstance or the will of the people actually is.

Neoliberalism is a one ideology belief, it does not believe in “a big church”, it believes only in neoliberalism. The fervour with which adherents espouse and defend their ideology has reached levels of religious fanaticism, with centrism needing to triumph over everything, even at the expense of human rights and decency. Faced with increasing criticism in the west and outright insurrection on the streets in places such as Chile, this cornered rat of a dying ideology is becoming even more dangerous and corrupt.

In the United States, credible rape claims against former Vice-President Joe Biden have been met by smears, insults and death threats from supposed liberal centrists, the same individuals who rightfully crucified Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh over similar claims. Nothing must question the orthodoxy and their ideology must triumph over anti-neoliberal blasphemy.

There is only one God and his name is capitalism, neoliberalism is its ideology.

There will be the occasional bone thrown toward the masses, scraps from the capitalist table to keep the membership believing that their interests are being listened to, an Obama to keep the people feeling righteous, but the billionaires will keep getting richer, the bombs will keep falling and we’ll all go along like before.

American voters, however, have a third choice. The Green Party is a growing force in US politics with former American pro-wrestler and Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura rumoured to be interested in standing at the forthcoming November elections. While the establishment portrays a vote for the Greens as a vote for Trump, the truth is that a vote for either the DNC or GOP is a vote for a continuation of the ideology and establishment that has brought America to its knees. It doesn’t matter who their candidate is.

Likewise in Britain, it won’t matter one iota whether the Prime Minister is Boris Johnson or Sir Keir Stamer, nor who the leader of Labour is. Until a leader has the fortitude and character to be willing to contemplate the entire restructuring of society away from the toxic capitalism that has infected its every pore, there will be no change. A turkey doesn’t vote for Christmas and centrists won’t be voting for anyone promoting the end of their entire ideology, they will instead do everything they can to stifle it, as has been proven during the Corbyn years. Which is why socialists must now regroup away from Labour where they are free to speak and act without restraint, where 21st-century socialism can grow and be freely promoted.

While their ideology was repugnant, there can be no doubt that UKIP had a huge effect on British politics, pushing the Tories to the far-right and changing the course of the entire country through Brexit. They never had a single MP.

Just six years ago, Podemos was formed in Spain. Populist, anti-establishment and dedicated to ending austerity, they currently sit in government. In Greece, Syriza became a political party just 8 years ago and is now the second-largest party in the Hellenic Parliament. Leader Alexis Tsipras has served as Prime Minister twice, as recently as last year.

A new way is possible and the Workers Party has the programme and interest to achieve that.

Labour has a long and great history, but like the Liberals before them, its time has come. With young voters likely to flock toward the Lib Dems under Layla Moran and older Brexit supporting voters never likely to return, the writing is on the wall for a party that claims to represent everyone but actually represents no-one.

Building something new will not be easy, it will be a struggle and a fight at every step, but what socialist is not ready for a struggle? The fight for working-class representation is one that is ages old and one that lasts for a lifetime, it is the defining fight of society. Along the way, Labour forgot their struggle, accepted centrist complacency and accepted the status quo. In doing so they gave up the working class and lost all right to be called “labour”.

You can read more about the Worker’s Party of Britain via their official website Here



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