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Further Good News for Labour As Odious Louise Ellman Quits Party

Labour Party supporters received more positive news yesterday as the much-derided Louise Ellman finally quit the party, a move warmly welcomed by the majority of Labour members and activists.

A staunch supporter of the apartheid state of Israel, Ellman’s position within the party had been untenable for some time following the revival of socialist values amongst Labour grassroots activists and amidst member’s reaffirmed commitment to the promotion of human rights in the occupied colonial territories.

Ellman had an abysmal voting record during her time in office including being a vocal supporter of the Iraq war and repeatedly denying the need for a subsequent investigation into said war. She was a supporter of the renewal of the Trident nuclear missile system and was largely seen as being on the right-wing of the party, totally at odds with the values and traditions of the labour movement.

As Chair of the All-Party Britain-Israel Parliamentary Group, Labour Friends of Israel and Honorary President of the Jewish Labour Movement, it was her vocal and fervorous support for Israel that led her to be a prime mover in the debunked “antisemitism” conspiracy theory against Jeremy Corbyn. The theory, which proclaims a widespread antisemitism problem within the Labour Party and contends that Corbyn himself is an antisemite has been long exposed as the work of Corbyn critics, the Israeli state and members of the far-right here in the U.K.

“Ellman can always be called on to defend Israel on the green benches”

Jewish Chronicle

The anti-Corbyn media, including the BBC, have portrayed Ellman quitting the party as a blow to Corbyn and yet again repeated the “antisemitism” smears without retort. The truth, however, is that moves to deselect Ellman were already well underway in her Liverpool constituency, with antisemitism yet again being used as a political football to mask the true facts of the matter.

The majority of Labour Party members welcome Ellman’s resignation.

Labour supporters on Twitter were quick to also remember an incident where Ellman attempted to smear Holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer as an “antisemite” for criticising Israel. Ellman went further during the incident, attempting to portray Jeremy Corbyn as “antisemitic” for his attendance at the event, despite being in attendance at the event herself.

Jewish supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have also spoken out against Ellman’s resignation statement.

With the Liberal Democrats recent swing to the right as a Frankenstein combination of Tory wets, Blue Labour and those without the political savvy to realise neoliberalism is dead, it would be little surprise if Ellman joined other recent Blairite entryists such as Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger and Angela Smith.



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