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Fighting Antisemitism Smears: A Guide for Bernie2020

Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn has been a longstanding supporter of Palestinian rights and critic of the genocidal policies of the apartheid state of Israel. He advocated for an end to supplying arms to the regime and for the human rights and dignity of those under oppression in Gaza and the West Bank. This, of course, made him a prime target of Israel’s propaganda machine and Zionist supporters in Britain.

The concept that a British Prime Minister would be pro-Palestinian and be willing to call out Israel and the policies that have led it to the International Criminal Court was unpalatable to the Netanyahu regime. The concept of an American President leading that fight will be even more unpalatable.

A smear campaign that portrayed Corbyn and his allies as antisemitic was created, pushed by the Israeli lobby and members of the Zionist far-right in Britain, individuals that have proven links to extremist groups such as the English Defence League and Britain First.

The campaign was hugely successful, portraying one of Britains leading anti-racist campaigners of the past 50 years (Jeremy Corbyn) as an antisemite and the biggest threat to Jews in Britain since Hitler. The antisemitism smears have been called the biggest campaign of anti-leftist black propaganda seen in the west since McCarthyism as the issue developed into one comparable to mass hysteria.

Good socialists were banned from the Labour Party, careers were ended by vexatious claims, human rights campaigners were ostracised, left-wing Jews had their voices silenced and the serious charge of antisemitism was devalued. All to keep Israel supplied with weapons.

Don’t give an inch, stick to facts

The Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest mistake was apologising for antisemitism in the Party when all statistics and data showed that rates of antisemitism were far lower than those of the ruling Conservative Party and had fallen since Corbyn became leader. Once pressured into an apology for what never existed, it was portrayed as confirmation of the “truth” of the lie.

Always stick to facts and statistics. Make the conversation about Israel and the crimes that have led it to the ICC. Call out lies for what they are. Be bold.

Amplify and protect left-wing Jews

The biggest threat from the coming campaign against Sanders will be against Jewish supporters. 

The campaign of smears in Britain was always strongest against opposing Jewish voices who supported Corbyn and rejected the false allegations. Social media accounts would regularly cause “dog piles” of Jewish supporters, hundreds of abusive and threatening messages portraying left-wingers as “useful idiots”, “self-hating Jews” and traitors to their faith. Jewish socialists were amongst the first targets of campaigns to get them ejected from the party.

The abuse will be strong and designed to silence these voices. 

Stand in unwavering solidarity.

Do not sacrifice your allies

Labour’s second mistake was allowing the expulsions of pro-Palestinian activists, most tragically Chris Williamson, the Member Parliament for Derby North. These expulsions obliterated the voice against the smears and falsely portrayed legions of Palestinian activists as antisemites. They deprived Jeremy Corbyn of key allies and ensured that even those who recognised the lies of the campaign would stay silent to ensure their place in the party.

The first people that the campaign against Sanders will come for are Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib followed undoubtedly by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The campaign will attempt to break all three “squad” members and will seek to divide the campaign, looking to turn individuals against each other.

It is essential that the Sanders campaign team and supporters stay united and never turn against each other, no matter how hard that road might become. Careers will be threatened, so will party position. Those involved must remain committed and strong. 

The campaign will be Islamophobic

While the campaign will likely seek to “break” Ocasio-Cortez to its will, Omar and Tlaib will not be allowed an “out” from the smear campaign. 

The hardcore Zionists who will fuel the campaign, alongside the state of Israel itself, are profoundly Islamophobic and will encourage the vile hatred already being thrown at Omar and Tlaib by Trump’s MAGA base.

When left-wingers attempt to highlight the Islamophobia of Donald Trump and Republicans, the smear campaign will attempt to turn it back to a conversation about “antisemitism” in the Democrats. They will attempt to create a “hierarchy of hate” and insist that Islamophobia is less of a problem than antisemitism, many will even suggest that Islamophobia is not a thing or even justified.

Do not allow them to turn the conversation away from Islamophobia, do not allow Muslim voices to be silenced, do not allow real Muslim experiences to be erased in favour of falsehoods.

Social media is their tool

The key tool of the campaign will be social media, primarily Facebook and Twitter. They will be careful and rarely post anything actionable by the law or by social media’s policies.

The smear campaign will create fake anti-racist and anti-antisemitism organisations staffed and controlled by those seeking only to spread propaganda. They will create fake pro-Bernie accounts that will spread antisemitic rhetoric and images, which will, in turn, be highlighted as “evidence” of antisemitism. They will endlessly search every historic post of Bernie Sanders campaign staff, allies and supporters looking for “antisemitic” content. The smear spreaders will engage with Bernie supporters to troll them into saying something they will misconstrue as antisemitic. Those involved in the campaign will follow and report key anti-smear accounts and try and get them banned by reporting posts.

This fake Twitter account has already been identified and believed to be British in origin from the same people who smeared Corbyn

Do not engage with the smear merchants online and block as many as you possibly can. Create Twitter lists of those involved and use Block Together. Report fake accounts, highlight fake accounts to your followers to warn them. Shared information is invaluable.

Subversion of real campaigns and key individuals

To add weight to the campaign of lies, it will be backed by real anti-antisemitism and anti-racist organisations which are led by pro-Israel individuals and entities. This amplification will be damaging as it will be seen as coming from legitimate sources who have campaigned against real far-right antisemitism in the past.

Highlight the figures and money behind these groups, highlight their links and allegiance to Israel where they exist.

Subversion of good intentions

Most people have a rightful revulsion of antisemitism and this campaign will weaponise that to full effect as they depend on peoples ignorance of the true origins of the smears and the tactics of Israel. The U.S. press has spent decades praising Israel and demonising Palestine, creating a huge level of ignorance surrounding the true nature of the conflict. While social media has begun to expose Israel for the human rights abusers that they are, there is still a long way to go.

People have an instinctive nature to believe the person claiming to be the victim and there is an unwillingness amongst many to believe, given history, that Israel is capable of war crimes and being members of the far-right. But not everyone on the far-right is a Nazi.

Through ignorance, people will share smear material and believe that they are genuinely helping the fight against real hatred and antisemitism. 

Somebody once said that “a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has even got its trousers on”. 

Start spreading the truth early and often, correct those spreading lies in genuine error.

The enemy within

The biggest threat was never the right-wing opposition or even the Zionists themselves, it was neoliberal centrists within the Labour Party itself. Like Labour, the Democrats are deeply divided along ideological lines with Sanders, AOC and Ilhan Omar leading a left-wing resurgence in the party. The neoliberal establishment of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden will ally themselves with those pushing these smears.

The fact will become clear that Clinton, Biden, Obama etc would rather see Donald Trump win a second term in office than see Bernie Sanders as President. Despite undermining him throughout the coming election, they will then insist that it was Bernie’s leftwing policies that lost the election.

The political histories of Clinton, Obama, Biden and other neoliberals will add undue weight to their opinions and claims, guaranteeing them media coverage.

The press will be of little help, even those who you believe are your allies. Fox News and other outlets will, of course, utilise the smears as much as possible, but don’t be surprised if neoliberal leaning outlets such as CNN offer little support to Sanders either.

Ensure the strength of independent left-wing websites, amplify the blogs, set up new news and campaign websites immediately. You cannot rely on the mainstream media.



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