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DNC Screwjob: Iowa Caucus Descends Into a Banana Republic

American democracy has once again descended to the level of farce as the long-expected shenanigans against the campaign of Bernie Sanders appeared to take place in plain sight and transparent fashion. As happened in the United Kingdom at the 2019 general election, a combination of the internal deep state, pro-Israel Zionist groups and neoliberal centrists look to set the undermine and steal the victory from the socialist candidate.

With results delayed until at least later today due to “inconsistencies”, there is as yet no result from the Iowa Caucus, with Bernie Sanders and Pete “outta nowhere” Buttigieg both declaring victory. The farce, centred around the Democrats smartphone app, is certain to overshadow the victory predicted for the Sanders campaign and is a severe embarrassment for the DNC that Donald Trump and the Republicans are already taking full advantage of.

The app that caused the so-called “inconsistencies” was developed by Shadow Inc. and has already been linked to Hilary Clinton and the centrist side of the DNC with CEO Gerard Niemir having worked on Clinton’s failed 2016 run for President, others involved having worked for Barack Obama. One of the top donors to Shadow Inc and Mayor Pete’s campaign is the vile Seth Klarman, a raving Zionist who has poured money into pro-settler Israel lobby groups who support the illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine. Those settlements are a grave breach of international law.

It is believed that the Democrats partnered with the Department of Homeland Security and Harvard University’s Defending Digital Democracy (D3) project on the development of the controversial app. Shadow Inc. was paid by both Nevada & Iowa Democratic Party and, unsurprisingly, both Mayor Pete’s campaign and Joe Biden’s.

Buttigieg was “somehow” so confident of victory that he declared himself the winner without any results being announced.

The Twitter account for Shadow Inc follows an account that launched anti-Sanders ads and is linked to pro-Zionist groups and potentially the state of Israel.

The “democracy” of the process has come under heavy scrutiny with voters accusing the DNC of outright theft.

As many have pointed out, if the Iowa caucus had been held in Venezuela or Iran then the U.S. and her allies would already be calling it a failure of democracy and calling for an international investigation.

Pete Buttigieg has long been seen as the neoliberal establishment’s “chosen one”, Mayor Pete having the youth on his side that the likes of Joe Biden doesn’t. With the Biden campaign floundering under the weight of the former Vice-President’s record, offensive statements and wandering hands, there should be little surprise that small-time Pete has “unexpectedly” been thrown into the national spotlight.

“Seemingly overnight, the once obscure mayor of Indiana’s fourth-largest city was vaulted to national prominence, with his campaign coffers stuffed with big checks from billionaire benefactors.”

The Greyzone

Buttigieg has been called “the spooks’ choice” for President by The Greyzone who revealed that he had secured considerable funding from the billionaire class and shady ex high-ranking CIA officials, regime-change architects, and global financiers. Following a seven-month deployment to Afghanistan as part of the Naval Reserves in 2010, Buttigieg worked for CIA contractors and many believe he has far more intimate links with the American security services.

The situation in Iowa has direct comparisons to CIA regime change tactics used on foreign shores, with Mayor Pete cast in the role of Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan usurper who from obscurity declared himself President of Venezuela.

The American intelligence apparatus has spent over sixty years undermining and stifling the rise of socialism throughout Latin America, East Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, engaging in dark tactics, subterfuge and even violence to stop the rise of the only ideology that will ever challenge the American oligarchy. It was foolish to ever assume the combined forces of the deep state, intelligence community, billionaire class and external state actors such as Israel would allow the election of a man threatening to tear the entire system down.



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