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Camden Momentum Calls for a Vote of No Confidence in Sir Keir Starmer

Camden Momentum has called for a vote of no confidence in Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer. The group passed a resolution at its July meeting, urging the Labour National Executive Committee to pass the vote against the current leader.

In a letter published in the Camden New Journal, the secretary of the local branch Sam Weinstein highlights a litany of failures and areas of concern that bring focus to the unsuitability of Starmer to lead the Labour Party.

The letter highlights Starmer’s time at the CPS, where he was seen as unusually close to the police and security services, failing on several occasions to hold the police and armed forces to account for killings both at home and abroad.

“AS Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer worked closely with the police in prosecuting and convicting people, overwhelmingly working-class and disproportionately people of colour.

As he said recently, ‘Nobody should be saying anything about defunding the police… I’ve worked with police forces across England and Wales bringing thousands of people to court, so my support for the police is very strong’.

While failing to hold the police accountable for deaths in police custody, he encouraged longer and tougher sentences for “benefit fraud”, and ordered the fast-track extradition of Julian Assange, who is being persecuted for revealing US war crimes overwhelmingly against people of colour.”

Sam Weinstein, Camden Momentum

The letter goes on to highlight his anti-working class stances in the past, stances that many were alarmed over before his election to the post. Those concerns have been proven correct as Starmer has undergone a wave of policy changes that have shifted the party back to the Blairite centre and, in some cases, even to the right of Boris Johnson and the Tories.

Most damming, however, is the highlighting of Starmer’s absolute failure to deal with anti-black and anti-Muslim racism within the party and hold those allies named in the Labour Leaks report to account. The Labour leader has only reinforced the opinion that the party is unwilling to take action on Islamophobia, the party now backing far-right Indian leader Narendra Modi and openly declaring support for the apartheid state of Israel, a state that has been referred to the International Criminal Court.

“As leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir took no immediate action against HQ staff members whose racism, sexism, and ableism was exposed in the leaked report on anti-Semitism in the party.

He reversed conference policy on Kashmir, putting Muslim people squarely in the firing line in India, and fired Rebecca Long-Bailey for anti-Semitism for retweeting information about violence by the state of Israel.

He equates attacks on the state with attacks on Jewish people in general – classic anti-Semitism.

He downplayed the international Black Lives Matter movement as “a moment”, labelling as “nonsense” demands to defund the police in favour of community investment.

Sir Keir’s statement that he will take ‘unconscious bias’ training, is both admission and misdirection: he makes racism a personal psychological problem and not a systemic social disaster. His stance has been conscious and has no place in an anti-racist party.

He has brought the Labour Party into disrepute with its most loyal supporters and voters, working-class BAME communities.”

Sam Weinstein, Camden Momentum

Despite regular assurances from Labour centrists that any leader except Jeremy Corbyn would be “20 points ahead” of the Tories, Starmer has continued to find himself severely lagging behind Boris Johnson, despite the nation facing the worst catastrophe since the Second World War while dissatisfaction with his leadership continues to grow amongst the Labour grassroots.



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