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British Prime Minister Theresa May to Resign on June 7, Labour Call For Election

British Prime Minister Theresa May is to resign from office on June 7 following months of speculation, atrocious poll showings and increasing unrest in her leadership both within her own party and across the nation at large.

Making the announcement this morning outside Downing Street, May admitted that the political establishment in Britain was “under strain” but called her time as Prime Minister “the honour of [her] life”.

May will remain in office through the state visit of Donald Trump on June 3 in what will likely be one of her last major acts as Prime Minister before stepping down on June 7.

Names expected to be thrown into the hat for the next Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party include Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt. Johnson is by far said to be the favourite amongst the Tory grassroots with Bet365 placing him as 6/4 favourite to be the next PM.

The succession of another Conservative Prime Minister to the highest office in government without any kind of mandate for a rapidly disintegrating ruling party has led to calls for an immediate general election or Labour being asked to form a government.

With reports that the Conservative Party “fears absolute wipeout” by being left with no MEPs at all and the increasing likelihood of a Labour victory at the next general election, the Tories are openly seen to be a party at war with themselves.

Appointing arch-Brexiteer, known racist and upper-class twit Boris Johnson as the new Prime minister will do nothing to reunify an increasingly broken political system and society, rather it will only inflame tensions and serve to divide communities yet further.

The Conservative Party has lost all right to govern and a general election is now not only demanded but essential to the immediate welfare of the nation.



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