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Boris Johnson Accused of ‘Dancing to Donald Trump’s Tune’ Over EU Trade Talks

Boris Johnson has claimed there is “enormous” potential in a fresh trade deal with the US, stating that he shares Donald Trump’s “optimism” over the talks, adding that he hopes to see a new deal with the remaining EU27 along the lines of Canada’s agreement.

In addition to his dreams of successful deals all round, the ever delusional Prime Minister insisted that the UK will not need to accept any EU rules regarding trade as he outlined the government’s stance on the impending negotiations with the EU.

“We will get going with our friends in America, and I share the optimism of Donald Trump”

Boris “Chlorinated Chicken” Johnson

Nick Dearden of Global Justice Now, reacting to the prime minister’s speech on UK-EU trade this morning, said:

“While the EU put out a 33-page document highlighting its negotiating objectives this morning, Boris Johnson gave his usual pantomime set-piece. But what became very clear is that Johnson is a million miles from the EU offer, and that’s because he’s intent on dancing to Donald Trump’s tune.

“The only way Johnson can get his treasured trade deal with the US is to give away British standards and allow US multinationals to have a bonanza at the expense of people and the planet. But Johnson is going to find this very difficult because most British people have also been shown to be hostile to any trade deal made on these terms. Nor will the EU agree to it. 

“Beneath the usual bluster and bravado, we can see Johnson clearly rattled by the scale of opposition to a US trade deal – and so he should be. Johnson can tell those who oppose a US trade deal to ‘grow up’ all he likes. But what he labels ‘mumbo jumbo’ is not anti-American at all, it is rather a deep-seated opposition to allowing the import of meat made in atrocious conditions, GM foods, higher medicine prices, cancer-causing chemicals, and handing over vast swathes of our society to big business.”



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