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Blairite Centerists Again Plotting to Oust Jeremy Corbyn

Labour neoliberal centrists are yet again plotting to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party according to new reports.

Concerned that socialist candidates are being selected to stand in a number of seats, the neoliberal and Blairite loyalists are said to be alarmed that their position could weaken yet further as Britain stands on the brink of a possible general election and are willing to move against Corbyn to ensure that left-wing MPs are not elected to parliament.

The Mail on Sunday has revealed that a secret WhatsApp group named “Clause One” has been set-up by MPs desperate to cling onto their dream of resurrecting the neoliberal project. The group is designed to allow plotting MPs to co-ordinate strategy and attacks against the leadership in a bid to force Corbyn to resign.

“Clause One” is a reference to the first clause of the Labour Party’s constitution, that being the commitment to be a political Labour Party. The name is particularly ironic as the clause states that “the Party shall bring together members and supporters who share its values”, with the WhatsApp group being filled with MPs with quite the opposite values to the majority of the membership.

“So many seats are going to arch-Left Corbynistas, it’s crazy.”

Unnamed coup plotter

Seemingly disinterested at the further chaos a move to oust Corbyn would bring to the British political system and moves to stop Boris Johnson’s no-deal Brexit, the Parliamentary Labour Party continue to defy the will of Labour members at large and seemingly have little but contempt both for ordinary members and party democracy.

The anti-Corbyn faction has tried and failed to oust the Labour Party leader on a number of occasions, having failed to do so each time thanks to the overwhelming grassroots support for Corbyn and his policies amongst the membership of the party.

In 2016 the centrists were utterly humiliated after a vote of no confidence by the PLP in Corbyn, their challenger Owen Smith receiving a mere 38.2% of the party vote compared to Corbyn’s 61.8%.

In what we are sure is an amazing coincidence and no evidence at all of collusion between Labour centrists and The Guardian, the Grauniad took a short break from virtue signalling to yet again pour scorn on Corbyn and Labour.

Corbyn’s leadership has been under attack since first winning the leadership of the party in 2015 as party members have overwhelmingly backed reforms to policy to move the party away from the dead neoliberal ideology pushed by Tony Blair and his loyalists and back toward the socialist origins of the party and Labour movement. Unwilling to give up their vacuous ideology, centrists have constantly laid siege to Corbyn and his supporters, even going as far as to ally with the Israeli far-right in pushing the “antisemitism” smear campaign that has seen the loss of the likes of Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker and many others.

The candidates that undoubtedly have caused such concern for the Blair loyalists include Mary Foy who will be standing in Durham, Aysha Raza in Ealing North, Sam Tarry in Ilford South who will replace the obnoxious Mike Gapes and the possible selections of Jo Bird in Liverpool, Keir Morrison in Bassetlaw and Salma Yaqoob for Birmingham mayor. With many other socialist and pro-Corbyn candidates also in the running, the rebels clearly feel that a general election would be game over for their control of the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, after McDonnell gave his Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer speech, at the 2016 Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. | Rwendland

There has been speculation that any coup attempt will try and install John McDonnell as leader in an attempt to pacify the membership with a compromise candidate that many members still hold in high regard, despite recent actions.

Reporting just last week, Skwawkbox claimed that McDonnell was attempting to isolate Corbyn and his key aides in an effort to move Labour’s position on Brexit into parallel with the Lib Dems as a full Remain party, despite that position being both incompatible with the 2017 manifesto and the wishes of the membership and unions as decided at this year’s conference in Brighton.

For his part, McDonnell denied the accusation, yet has interviewed Blairite-ultra Alistair Campbell for GQ Magazine and asked the former spin-doctor to rejoin the party, Campbell being suspended from the party since May after openly voting for the Lib Dems at the European elections.



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