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Between 5 and 7% of Britons Want to See Violence Against General Public & Politicians “Regardless of Brexit”

In what can only be described as a shocking survey by Yougov, huge swathes of the British public are willing to accept violence against both politicians and the general public alike as “worth it” to either guarantee Brexit or remain in the European Union. A sizeable minority want to see violence no matter what the outcome.

The poll by YouGov on behalf of Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh questioned what respondents would find acceptable to ensure their preferred outcome to the ongoing political crisis surrounding Brexit.

The astounding results found that a significant number of respondents were happy for the United Kingdom to become substantially poorer, their own financial situation to suffer, the farming industry to collapse, their political parties to collapse and most alarmingly for violence to be done in the name of Leave or Remain.

Even more alarming were the 5 and 7% of respondents who wish to see members of the public being badly injured and violence enacted toward MPs “regardless of Brexit”.

The survey showed that Conservatives were more likely on both counts to back violence by a wide margin, with 57% of Conservative respondents willing to see severe injury to members of the public to ensure Brexit compared to 19% of Labour and Lib Dem voters.

Over 65s were the largest group willing to see violence enacted in the name of Brexit.

Leave Results

40% were willing to see violence done to the public to remain inside the EU with the same number willing to see MPs be the victims of violence. Lib Dems were the most likely to back violence for Remain, with an astounding 63 and 61% saying it was a risk worth taking to stay in the EU.

18-24-year-olds were the largest group willing to see violence enacted for Remain.

7% once again wished to see violence regardless of Brexit.

Remain Results

While the survey does not imply that responders were willing to enact violence nor endorsed it, it clearly shows that Brexit has reached a level where violence, economic turmoil and national disintegration is seen as an acceptable risk on both sides of the argument in a debate that has become as entrenched, belligerent and as dangerous as the likes of abortion and gun rights in the United States.



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