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As Tories Suspend Second Peer for Backing Lib Dems, When Will Labour Suspend Margaret Hodge and Alastair Campbell?

The Conservative Party has suspended a second peer who has stated his intent to vote for the Lib Dems in today’s European Elections. Lord Cooper, a former close aide of David Cameron, joined Lord Heseltine on the suspension list as Labour continue to accept similar statements from former Blairite grandees.

Is was this past weekend that Margaret Hodge was caught on camera telling Labour Party members to vote for other parties in the forthcoming European Elections, a clear breach of Labour Party rules. Hodge stated her disagreement with a panellist who had said that tactical voting should be avoided and votes should be given to Labour.

“I think taking whatever action you need, within your locality, that gives you the best likelihood of electing somebody who will be a pro-European MEP, I think is the way you should go, I really do. I know that’s controversial but sometimes we allow the tribalism of politics to override the values and judgement we need to take on particular issues.”

Margaret Hodge

The call to not vote Labour was echoed yesterday by former Blair spin-Doctor Alastair Campbell who admitted that he would be considering not voting for Labour in today’s election.

Speaking on ITV’s Peston, Campbell refused to say definitively who he’d be voting for and stated his belief that Labour “would’ve walked” the EU elections had they been offering a confirmatory referendum.

“I voted Labour all my life. But on this issue, we have to think about what’s right for the country in the long-term.”

Alastair Campbell

Labour taking no action against the likes of Campbell and Hodge can only make the party look weak to outside observers and embolden the anti-Corbyn faction within. While the Tories are more than willing to suspend names as lauded in the party as Lord Heseltine, Labour are unwilling to challenge out of control Blairites.

The lack of action also opens up the party to accusations of double-standards and a “one rule for us” mentality, having been quite willing to suspend 92-Year-old Labour grassroots veteran Margot Packwood for signing her daughter’s nomination papers to stand for the Green Party in this month’s council elections in Ipswich.

Jeremy Corbyn casts his vote in the EU elections earlier today

The open disloyalty of anti-Corbyn and anti-socialist elements within the Labour Party cannot continue. They have attempted to undermine the leadership of the party from the moment that Corbyn won his leadership, engaging in some of the dirtiest campaigning ever seen against members of their own party. With Labour on course in most polls to form the next government, it is essential that the hard decisions are made and the Blair faction is sent a clear message: enough is enough.



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