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Venezuelan Coup Plotters Linked To Massive Embezzlement of Aid

Michael East, Red Revolution

Yet more revealing details of the true motivations behind the US-backed coup attempt in Venezuela are coming to light after it was revealed that key aides to self-appointed “President” Juan Guaidó have been embezzling funds intended as aid.

A report published in Miami by Panam Post has revealed that two of Guaidó’s key aides have been caught by Colombian spies using money supposedly raised for “humanitarian” purposes to fund a lavish lifestyle that includes top of the range restaurants, hotels and nightclubs.

Juan Guaido | Alexcocopro

The aides, Regional Coordinator for Guaido’s Popular Will Party, Kevin Rojas, and his chief of staff Rossana Barrera, are said to have spent over $125,000 on personal luxuries, including a shocking $40,000 in April alone during jaunts into Colombia.

With millions of Venezuelans at the poverty line thanks to US sanctions, the new revelations are a further embarrassment to the discredited and sinking Guaidó who has been under immense criticism for his links to the Trump regime in Washington.

The allegations of widespread fraud and corruption are not something that was unanticipated by observers who have repeatedly warned that a US-backed Guaidó coup would lead to widespread corruption such as with the regimes in Ecuador and Honduras. It is expected that Guaidó’s affairs will now come under increasing scrutiny and it was Guaidó who announced a plan in February to bring foreign aid into the country through the Colombian border.

With American imperial eyes turning toward Iran and the abject failure of the April 30 coup, Guaidó is beginning to cut an ever increasingly isolated figure. Venezuela meanwhile has begun the process of criminal charges against co-conspirators in the attempted coup, insurrection and attempts to facilitate an American invasion of the country, 14 standing accused of crimes such as treason and conspiracy.

Despite his key role in the affair, Guaidó remains at large and free to continue his calls for insurrection and democratic subversion to a national audience, walking out of the recent attempts by Norway to broker a deal between the Venezuelan government and the rebels after Guaidó continued his demands for undemocratic regime change.

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