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Forked Tongue Progaganda: False Claims That “U.S. Prepared to Engage With Iran Without Pre-Conditions”

Michael East, Red Revolution

Headlines stating that the United States is prepared to engage with Iran without pre-conditions have been seen across the media this afternoon in what can only be described as yet another round of the ongoing propaganda war against Iran.

Despite the headlines, the United States has said that it will only engage with Iran “without pre-conditions” if they see Tehran behaving like “a normal nation” first, absurdly setting a condition to the lack of conditions. The word “doublespeak” barely covers it.

Speaking in Switzerland, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reacted to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stating Iran was willing to talk with the U.S., Pompeo saying that Iran needed to “prove” themselves.

“We are prepared to engage in a conversation with no pre-conditions, we are ready to sit down. We are certainly prepared to have that conversation when the Iranians can prove that they want to behave like a normal nation.”

Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

What this of course does is portray Iran as being unreasonable and unwilling the engage in dialogue when they fail to meet the unstated criteria of behaving “like a normal nation”, a phrase that can mean whatever the United States wants it to mean.

Perhaps the United States believe that killing at least 1,000 civilians in Iraq and Syria is behaving “like a normal nation”, or their ally Saudi Arabia being ultimately responsible for 233,000 deaths in Yemen.

In 2018, the U.S. and Pompeo set out a 12 point list of demands to Iran to avoid sanctions, demands that no sovereign nation could ever possibly agree to. These demands included ones built on falsehoods such as claims of a nuclear weapons program, interference in foreign affairs and military threats to neighbours.

The 12 point list of demands would ensure that the U.S/Saudi/Israel axis had complete autonomy over the Persian Gulf for a generation and completely restrict Iranian sovereignty. Knowing that Iran could never agree to those terms, much like with today’s statement, the U.S. propaganda machine is attempting to portray Iran as unreasonable.

The latest statement by the Americans comes after Arab Leaders met in the holy city of Mecca to once again agitate for war for the Gulf state, King Salman of Saudi Arabia leading the calls for confrontation.

These Machiavellian piecemeal attempts to change public opinion in favour of war with Iran must be rejected by all free-thinking citizens in the West and be seen for what they are – pure propaganda. Despite initial appearances, these are the words of a nation and man who speaks only with a forked tongue, they are not in any way a willingness for the U.S. to engage in genuine, constructive and meaningful dialogue with Iran.

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