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Far-Right Alternative for Germany Intends to Take Power in First German State

Michael East, Red Revolution

The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) says it intends to take power in its first state this September, potentially in Saxony.

The AfD won the EU Elections in Saxony in May and also the national vote in the region at the 2017 general election, defeating the incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

“Islam doesn’t belong to Germany”, “Freedom of the woman is not negotiable!” | Rosenkohl

Speaking to supporters earlier today, the party’s leader Joerg Urban said that parties will be unable to govern with them after the Sept. 1 regional elections.

The AfD has promised to ban the teaching of Islam as part of religious education in Saxony’s schools and stands on a national platform opposed to Islam in general, immigration, same-sex marriage, environmentalism and feminism. They are pro-nationalism, pro-Trump, pro-conscription and pro-Israel. The AfD’s Björn Höcke regularly speaks of the “Fatherland” and “Volk.”

Other quotes from the AfD

“People wouldn’t want someone like Boateng as a neighbour.”

Alexander Gauland on German international footballer Jerome Boateng

“Puppets of the victorious powers in World War II.”

Alice Weidel on the German political establishment

“Use firearms if necessary” to “prevent illegal border crossings.”

Frauke Petry on immigration

“People who won’t accept stop at our borders are attackers and we have to defend ourselves against attackers.”

Beatrix von Storch on immigration

“..get rid of, once and for all, this rank growth on the German racial corpus”

Andre Poggenburg on socialists

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The New Faces of Fascism: Populism and the Far Right 

By Enzo Traverso

What does Fascism mean at the beginning of the twenty-first century? When we pronounce this word, our memory goes back to the years between the two world wars and envisions a dark landscape of violence, dictatorships, and genocide. These images spontaneously surface in the face of the rise of radical right, racism, xenophobia, islamophobia and terrorism, the last of which is often depicted as a form of Islamic fascism. Beyond some superficial analogies, however, all these contemporary tendencies reveal many differences from historical fascism, probably greater than their affinities. Paradoxically, the fear of terrorism nourishes the populist and racist rights, with Marine Le Pen in France or Donald Trump in the US claiming to be the most effective ramparts against ‘Jihadist fascism’. But since fascism was a product of imperialism, can we define as fascist a terrorist movement whose main target is Western domination? Disentangling these contradictory threads, Enzo Traversos historical gaze helps to decipher the enigmas of the present. He suggests the concept of post-fascisma hybrid phenomenon, neither the reproduction of old fascism nor something completely differentto define a set of heterogeneous and transitional movements, suspended between an accomplished past still haunting our memories and an unknown future.


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