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Purge Them All: Corbyn’s Authority Under Threat From Hasbeen Blairites

Michael East, Red Revolution

In a blatant and public threat to the authority of Labour Jeremy Corbyn, former Blairite “grandees” have openly challenged the party to expel them alongside Alastair Campbell.

In a show of open defiance against their own party rules and regulations, the likes of Charles Clarke, Bob Ainsworth and Betty Boothroyd, all Blair favourites, have stated that they too have voted for other parties.

The shocking affront to the authority of Corbyn comes after the expulsion of Iraq-war architect Alastair Campbell who openly admitted to having voted for the Lib Dems during the BBC’s election night broadcast on Sunday.

Labour rules state quite clearly that any person “who joins and/or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the Party” will “automatically be ineligible to be or remain a Party member”.

Like Campbell, the arrogant neoliberal faction seems to believe they are equally untouchable and above party rules after years of inaction by the party over their constant attempts to undermine the leadership of Corbyn and socialist direction of the party.

“I was not aware that Alastair had voted Liberal Democrat in the European election until I heard him say so on television on Sunday evening. His expulsion from Labour Party membership is a disgrace and only compounds Labour’s current political difficulties. I also voted Liberal Democrat. This was a one-off decision because of the hopeless incoherence of Labour’s position, particularly that of Jeremy Corbyn, on Brexit.”

Charles Clarke

“Having recently voted Labour in local elections, I voted Green in the Euro elections having never voted other than Labour before in my entire life. I didn’t intend to make this public, but now Alastair has been expelled for doing the same I feel obliged to do so.”

Bob Ainsworth

The anti-Corbyn cult within Labour and the mainstream media has been attempting to portray Campbell as some kind of political martyr against “Corbynism” with an increasing string of whataboutery.

Such was the level of outrage over somebody having the temerity to challenge the neoliberals that Margaret Hodge let the mask slip, describing black Jewish activist Jackie Walker as a “prolific antisemite.” Jackie Walker has of course been the victim of vile racist abuse by far-right Labour Friends of Israel supporters in the recent past who don’t believe that black people can be “real Jews”.

Jess Philips, of course, had to have her say.

The latest challenge by Clarke and the Blair cronies is less of a threat to Corbyn’s position and more of an opportunity. It is now time for the party to finally be rid of yet more of the poisonous Blair ideologues that have dragged the party down for many years.

In a situation reminiscent of when the delusional Venezuelan Usurper Juan Guaidó confidently stated he had the full support of the military and ending up with less than a platoon, the “grandees” seem to believe that Labour members actually support their position.

Not quite.

Such open defiance of clearly defined party rules and attempts to undermine the leadership of the party cannot be tolerated if Jeremy Corbyn wishes to ever be seen as a leader of authority and Labour are to be seen as a united unit that is fit for government.

Campbell, who is supported by Tom Watson, has indicated that this defiance of Labour policy and party rules comes straight from the top, a comment over which there should be an immediate internal investigation.

“I think that there are people in Jeremy Corbyn’s office, senior positions in Jeremy Corbyn’s office, who have recommended voting against the Labour Party”

Alastair Campbell

The Labour membership does not support neoliberal Blairites with their support coming either from remaining members of the Blairite faction or outside rabble-rousers in the media or other parties. The suspension of Clark, Boothroyd and Ainsworth will not only be supported amongst the party membership but is now essential.

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