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Tech-Lovers Rejoice as Huawei Unveils 5G Models Amid U.S. Controversy

English subtitles are available.

Chinese company Huawei unveiled its new phone and 5G chips at Big Data Industry Expo 2019 in Guiyang, footage filmed on Tuesday shows.

Among the chips presented were the new 5G terminal chips (Qilin 980 and Balong 5000), 5G base station chip (Tiangang Chip) and AI&server calculating chips (Shengteng310 and Kunpeng920) and the Mate20 X model.

Huawei, which is one of China’s biggest technological companies and provides home electronics and telecommunications devices, chose the International Big Data Industry Expo to showcase its latest products to the world.

The launch comes after Google announced it would be restricting access to its Play services from Huawei handsets as the result of a US executive order.

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