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Shocking: Speaker at Board of Deputies of British Jews Event Calls For “Sacrifice” of Jeremy Corbyn

Michael East, Red Revolution

In an absolutely shocking speech at an event for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a speaker has called for the “sacrifice” of the socialist British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The unidentified speaker states that “we shall sacrifice him for all the trouble he has caused”, comparing the name “Corbyn” to “korban”, a kosher animal sacrifice.

A korban is an animal such as a bull, sheep, goat, or a dove that has undergone shechita, the Jewish ritual slaughter. The shechita procedure involves the severing of the wind pipe by cutting the neck of the animal.

Despite the shocking comments, the individual is not censured and is warned that the speech is being live broadcast.

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Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics

By Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour tells the story of how Corbyn’s rise was made possible by the long decline of Labour and by a deep crisis in British democracy. He shows how Corbyn began the task of rebuilding Labour as a grassroots party, with a coalition of trade unionists, young and precarious workers, students and ‘Old Labour’ pugilists, who then became the biggest campaigning army in British politics. Utilizing social media, activists turned the media’s Project Fear on its head and broke the ideological monopoly of the tabloids. After the election, with all the artillery still ranged against Corbyn, and with all the weaknesses of the Left’s revival, Seymour asks what Corbyn can do with his newfound success.


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