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Video: Londoners React to ‘Depressing’ Rise of Farage’s Brexit Party in EU Elections

Londoners expressed dismay and disappointment with the Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party coming out on top of EU Parliament elections and what it meant for the future of the UK in relation to the EU, in interviews filmed on Monday.

“The results are depressing,” said one with another adding it was “really disappointing” to see the far-right party storming the EU election results.

Some discussed the rise of the Brexit Party in relation to the alarming growth of the far-right parties in Europe with one saying that the elections “exposed something that has existed for a long time. This is not new, like the racism, the far-right, the Nazis have never went away, they were always there. We just kind of told ourselves these stories about how they are gone.”

Others pointed out the inevitability of Brexit in light of the results with one Londoner saying, “People, they are showing exactly what they want… they want Brexit.”

“If they [European politicians] had any sense, they would go back to what it used to be: just a straightforward common market, free trade agreement and it would be much better,” one mused.

The Brexit Party which was only established in January 2019 managed to secure 31.7 percent of the votes. The Labour Party and the ruling Conservatives only managed to win 18.5 and 8.7 percent of the votes.

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Hostile Environment: How Immigrants Become Scapegoats

How migrants became the scapegoats of contemporary mainstream politics

While refugees risked their lives crossing the Mediterranean, the UK government introduced immigration policy after immigration policy aimed at creating what it proudly called a ‘hostile environment’.

Alongside this, the British people voted to leave the EU while politicians from all parties unashamedly blamed immigrants for all the country’s ills. Study after study has confirmed that immigration has not damaged the UK’s economy, nor put a strain on its public services, yet concerns about immigration continue to be deemed “legitimate” across the political spectrum, with few exceptions. How did we get here? Maya Goodfellow offers a compelling answer.

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