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Video: Iraqi Foreign Minister Denounces U.S. Sanctions against Iran

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali Al Hakim said his country was opposed to the United States’ sanctions against Iran, speaking alongside his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif in Baghdad on Sunday.

“We are saying very clearly and honestly that we oppose the actions taken by the US. We stand with the Islamic Republic of Iran in its position,” al-Hakim said.

The Iraqi minister announced that Iraq is willing to act as an intermediary between Tehran and Washington, in an effort to reach an acceptable solution for both parties.

For his part, Zarif stressed the importance of increased cooperation in the region and called for a non-aggression agreement between Iran and the Persian Gulf countries.

He added: “We will simultaneously strongly stand against any efforts for fighting, fighting against the Iranian nation, whether through military or economic warfare. The US has violated the rules and violated a Security Council resolution and forces other countries, by bullying, not to implement that resolution.”

Zarif arrived in Baghdad for a one-day working visit on Sunday, amid escalating tensions with Washington after Tehran’s announcement of a partial withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal earlier this month.

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Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy

By Noam Chomsky

The United States asserts the right to use military force against ‘failed states’ around the globe. But as Noam Chomsky argues in this devastating analysis, America shares features with many of the regimes it insists are failing and constitute a danger to their neighbours. 

Offering a comprehensive and radical examination of America past and present, Chomsky shows how this lone superpower – which topples foreign governments, invades states that threaten its interests and imposes sanctions on regimes it opposes – has stretched its own democratic institutions to breaking point. And how an America in crisis places the world ever closer to the brink of nuclear and environmental disaster.


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