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Venezuelan​​ Coup Turns Into Farce, Plotters Flee to Friendly Embassies

Michael East, Red Revolution

In scenes that could have come directly from America’s infamous failure during the Cuban Bay of Pigs invasion, Juan Guaidó’s attempted coup in Venezuela turned into a farce last night as plotters fled to the Chilean and Brazilian embassies.

Juan Guaidó had earlier in the day called for a military coup in his own country, being pictured alongside soldiers who he stated were loyal to him, provoking scenes of violence across the country as American and European political figures called for the counter-revolution.

However, revelations throughout the day revealed that many of the soldiers allegedly involved in the insurrection had been duped by disloyal commanders, serving merely to give the impression that the violence was much more widely supported than in truth.

Thousands of supporters of Nicolás Maduro rallied in Caracas as the Venezuelan army and police acted against sporadic outbreaks of insurgent violence, Guaidó’s call to arms against the democratically elected government going unheeded.

25 of the plotters fled to the Brazillian embassy, while one of the ringleaders of the plot Leopoldo Lopez fled to the Chilian embassy before being accepted at the Spanish embassy. Lopez, who had been pictured earlier in the day alongside Guaidó, had been imprisoned on arson and terrorism charges.

Despite denials from the U.S. that the action was an attempted coup, President Maduro acknowledged the truth of the matter as he congratulated the military for their role in averting further criminality of the streets.

“I want to congratulate you for the firm, loyal and courageous attitude with which you have led the defeat of the small group that tried to fill Venezuela with violence. Factors from the right wing of the Popular Will terrorist party led the coup d’etat. The empire seeks to attack and overthrow a legitimate government to enslave Venezuela. I want to congratulate the High Military Command for its courage in defending peace”

President Nicolás Maduro

In all, only around 30 members of the military had defected to the US-backed forces and Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said that it was not a military arranged coup, but one arranged by Guaidó and the United States

“It is not a coup attempt from the military. This is directly planned in Washington, in the Pentagon and Department of State, and by [National Security Adviser John] Bolton. They are leading this coup and giving orders to this man Guaido”

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza

Despite the collapse of the coup, Juan Guaidó and the United States were defiant, Guaidó insisting that the military supported him in a message played freely on Venezuelan television. Guaidó called for further insurrection on May Day as the U.S. regime claimed Maduro was intending to flee to Cuba until talked down by Russia. The astonishing claims were refuted by Russia who said that “Washington [has] tried its best to demoralize the Venezuelan army and now [is using] fakes as a part of [an] information war.”

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