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Yet Another Conservative Suspended Over Islamophobic Comments

Michael East, Red Revolution

Yet another member of the Conservative Party has been suspended over Islamophobic comments made online, the latest in a string of cases that have brought yet more shame on a party that is in an undeniable crisis.

Evan Woolcock, a candidate for a seat on Portishead Town Council has been suspended after it emerged a Twitter account under his name had described Islam as an “evil fascist cult” and “stone age death cult”.

Some of the images shared by the account seem to include racist memes and images of Tommy Robinson

The account, which has since been deleted, also made derogatory comments surrounding the direction of the Conservative Party and referred to one Tory MP as a “cock”. Individuals that were retweeted by the account included the notorious David Vance and Donald Trump Jr.

The alleged remarks are being “treated with great concern” and are under investigation by the North Somerset Conservative Association (NSCA). The Association gave no reason for the suspension and Woolcock will still​ remain on Thursday’s ballot as an independent should he remain suspended by the Conservative Party.

The latest suspension comes amidst an ever-deepening​ crisis for the Conservatives as the party tries to keep a lid on what can only now be seen as a crisis. With dozens suspended throughout March, there are growing calls for the Tories to agree to Baroness Warsi’s call for a full internal inquiry.

However, with those who have been suspended being “quietly reinstated” there is little sign of any true Conservative stance against the issue. With this little leadership on Islamophobia from senior Tories, the conclusion that the Conservative Party is institutionally Islamophobic is starting to become clear.

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