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Israel and Saudi Arabia Pushing United States Toward War With Iran Says Foreign Minister

Michael East, Red Revolution

The United States is being nudged ever closer toward a war with Iran at the behest of Israel, Saudi Arabia and their supporters in the U.S. government says Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif, highlighting fears that hawks in the U.S. administration will lead the Americans into yet another devastating war in the middle east.

Speaking on Fox News, Zarif stated that President Donald Trump does not favour war with Iran with the President being particularly vocal about favouring U.S. isolationism. Zarif added that hawks in the government are pushing hard in that direction alongside the Israeli lobby, Saudi Arabia and Netanyahu government.

Zarif pointed the finger directly at White House National Security Advisor John Bolton, saying that Bolton and international allies “have all shown an interest in dragging the United States into a conflict”. The comments echo those made foreign policy experts in the United States, with USA Today saying in March that “John Bolton is trying to steer Trump and the US into another Mideast war”.

The comments come after weeks of rising tensions with Iran, the American regime accusing the Middle East nation of interfering in the ongoing attempted coup in Venezuela, making absurdist suggestions that Hezbollah was being funded by Iran in the country. It was just two weeks ago that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated claims made in February that Hezbollah has a presence in Venezuela, adding that Iranian and Chinese money was being used for unstated “malign purposes” and that “all options [are] on the table” regarding military action against Venezuela.

The statements merely added to the ongoing sense that U.S. foreign policy is directionless and out of control, the U.S. regime making moves that have surprised and shocked allies including recognising Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, President Trump accusing Britain of spying on his campaign and widely debunked claims about Venezuela as the U.S. continues to try and engineer regime change in the country.

The U.S. has already moved to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as “a terrorist organisation”, a move that critics contend is a backdoor toward launching strikes against Iran. The move has been derided as a further threat to the stability of the region, with Iran calling on the Middle East to present a unified front against the U.S and Israeli aggression. The U.S. has also worried allies and analysts with its new crackdown on Iranian oil exports, experts warning that the move could potentially backfire against the global economy.

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