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Ex-Cop Who Called for Diane Abbott to Be Fined Is UKIP Supporter Who “Compared Gay Equality to Nazi Germany”

Michael East, Red Revolution

A retired police officer who called for the fining of Diane Abbott is a UKIP supporter who “compared gay equality to Nazi Germany”.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott was pictured drinking an M&S mojhito on a train on Friday, an event that was deemed worthy of extensive coverage in yesterday’s Sun. Widely derided on social media, the article in question contained a quote from Ex-Metropolitan Police Chief Inspector Mick Neville, with the ex-copper calling for Abbott to be fined.

“It’s shocking that she is breaching a law that was brought in to keep order on public transport. London’s got enough problems without senior politicians drinking on trains. TFL should be looking into this and sending her a fine. She should face action as a deterrent to others. She should be the most upright citizen in London, not doing stupid things like this.”

Mick Neville

Neville, however, is far from the unbiased opinion he’s presented as, serving as an excellent example of how media outlets such as The Sun attempt to portray popular opinion as in line with their own blinkered version of events.

In 2017, Neville was “forced out of a job” at Scotland Yard after a probe by the Directorate of Professional Standards into a series of Facebook posts supporting UKIP, including posts that were said to be homophobic and evocative of racist tropes. Neville claimed that the Met “don’t want people with my political and religious views. They want people with a liberal left attitude.”

“It is time to take back our country. It is time to reject fear & treachery. It is time to protect our culture for the next generation.”

Mick Neville

“What a wonderful day for Britain. I have a handful of honourable friends, who supported Remain – but in the main, the supporters of such were an unpleasant and odd bunch – the greedy internationalists, corporate business and bankers, some communists, the trendy metropolitan elite, the stupid, who thought you might need a visa to go to Majorca on holiday and the frightened who were afraid of being called “racist” (worse than “murderer” these days)”

Mick Neville

A regular source of comment in The Sun, Neville’s opinion is printed with no reference to past comments or controversy, nor the cloud under which he left the Metropolitian Police.

In attempting to pass Mick Neville off as a neutral voice in policing matters The Sun is engaging in nothing less than willful deception of the public, bringing itself once again into disrepute.


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