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German & Spanish Politicians Protest Incarceration of Julian Assange, Condemn Equadorian​ Disinformation Campaign

Michael East, Red Revolution

Lawmakers from Germany and Spain have protested at Britain’s incarceration of Julian Assange outside Belmarsh Prison in South-East London, demanding that bth Britain and the EU put a halt to any potential extradition to the United States.

Travelling from Europe, MPs Heike Hansel and Sevim Dagdelen of the German socialist Die Linke Party and MEP Ana Miranda of the Spanish Green Party had already been scheduled to meet with Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy, those plans being curtailed by Assange’s arrest this past Thursday.

“We call on the British government not to extradite Julian Assange to the USA. The European Union must take action to protect a politically-persecuted publisher and journalist…. I’m a friend of Julian Assange. He’s a son, a father, a brother and a good friend. His whole life he sacrificed for the truth.”

Sevim Dagdelen, Die Linke

Assange is currently awaiting sentencing for breaching his 2012 bail conditions and is expected by many to be handed a full one year sentence.

Activists and politicians around the globe have called for Britain to reject any attempt to extradite Assange to the U.S where he faces not only torture but potentially the death penalty should further charges be added once Assange is on American soil.

Ana Miranda says that the possibility “threatens to criminalise journalism globally.”

“We are faced with a humanitarian imperative now that Assange is in UK custody and a US extradition request is out for him, after high ranking officials of the US — including President Donald Trump — have threatened the publisher with death”

Ana Miranda, Spanish Green Party

The three protestors also condemned Equador’s ongoing program of disinformation that has led to a series of claims and images in the media that critics contend are designed to undermine the character of the Wikileaks founder, stating that the Moreno government was “engaging in a disinformation and slander campaign against Assange.”

All three MPs are hoping to gain access to Assange in Belmarsh Prison but their application is said to be “still pending.”


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