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Maduro Calls For Diplomacy As Thousands of Supporters Rally in Caracas

Michael East, Red Revolution

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called for the resumption of international dialogue with South and Central America, calling on Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and the Caribbean countries to contribute to Venezuela’s internal troubles.

Speaking a huge rally of supporters in Caracas, Maduro said that a non-traditional war was being waged against Venezuela, referencing perhaps both cyber-attacks upon the country alongside recent terrorist attacks that have left parts of the country frequently without power.

Maduro urged a resumption of the previously agreed Montevideo Mechanism, which was agreed upon in February.

The Montevideo Mechanism followed Juan Guaidó illegally declaring himself president in January and consists of four phases to resolve the still ongoing dispute.

The first phase would see an immediate dialogue to achieve a rapprochement followed by a phase of negotiation where common ground will be sought. Following this, a stage of commitment and subscription, followed finally by the implementation and realization of any agreement. Maduro hopes that the restarting of the process will establish a set program of national dialogue to unite the country, encompassing all political, cultural, economic and social sectors.

“I call on the president of Mexico, the president of Uruguay, the president of Bolivia and the prime ministers of 14 CARICOM countries to take again the initiative in the dialogue, which was agreed upon in Montevideo two months ago.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

The move comes following Venezuelan legislators decision to strip Juan Guaidó of his parliamentary immunity and the threat of U.S. invasion passing after the intervention of Russia and China. Guaidó having his immunity removed is seen as the first step toward prosecuting him for his role in the US-backed coup and a return for the rule of law in Venezuela.

Washington’s backing of Guaidó was followed by the European Union and several of Venezuela’s neighbours, including Colombia and Brazil, while Russia and China both sent aid to the country, the Chinese saying that “Latin America does not belong to any country, nor is it the backyard of a state.”


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