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Israel Planning To Colonise The Golan Heights With 250,000 Settlers

Michael East, Red Revolution

Israel hopes to settle 250,000 colonists in the occupied Golan Heights over the next 30 years according to a report from the Israeli Broadcasting Authority (IBA). The population of the Golan Heights stands currently at a mere 50,000, 22,000 of them Israeli settlers.

The plan, which would involve the construction of two “Jewish only” settlements on the occupied land, would encompass 30,000 new settlement units at the Ketzrin settlement and also include plans to improve transport and tourism to the area, the profits from which would transfer to the occupation government.

Golan Height Demonstration, 2016

Israeli radio station Makan stated that the plan was prepared by the Ministry of Housing and in cooperation with the Golan Regional Council

Details of the plan come just a week as United States President Donald Trump unilaterally recognised the annexation of the Golan Heights which the apartheid state seized from Syria during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. The move by the United States drew worldwide rejection and condemnation, including from the Arab League, the EU and the United Nations.

“Any resolution on the conflict in Syria must guarantee its geographical and territorial integrity, including the occupied territories of the Golan Heights.”

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General

Despite believing for most of the 1990s and 2000s that the Golan Heights only held a negligible amount of oil, in 2015 the potential for oil in the occupied territory was reevaluated and confirmed to be potentially billions of barrels rather than the millions previously thought. The oil, which could provide the Israeli regime with all its oil needs for years to come, is said to be located in the south of the Golan Heights.


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