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Maduro Insists American Led Venezuelan ​Coup Has Failed

Michael East, Red Revolution

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has insisted that the coup d’état against his Presidency has failed and reaffirmed his commitment to peace and democracy in the region.

Speaking this past Saturday in the Mobilization for Peace rally in Caracas, Maduro stated that Venezuela faced the gravest existential threat in 200 years, but that the Chavista movement remained strong.

“We are in a battle; nobody here lowers their guard. We can be victorious, happy, united, but with our eyes wide open… [The Chavistas continue to be] the greatest guarantee of peace, democracy and sovereignty of the Fatherland.”

Nicolas Maduro

The statement from Maduro comes as Venezuelan security forces continue to dismantle terrorist cells in the country that are believed to have been involved in the attempted coup. The cells are said to have been involved in the importation of mercenary fighters from Colombia and Central America and ready to commit acts of terror on Venezuelan soil.

As momentum shifts away from coup leader Juan Guaidó, the United States has declared its intent to impose further harsh sanctions on Venezuela in an effort to strangle the country.

“The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will remain firm in the defence of their independence and political, economic and cultural sovereignty… [the United States continues to disingenuously offer] humanitarian aid, while attacking the sources of generations of Venezuelan resources.”

Government statement

The sanctions on the Banco de Desarrollo Economico y Social de Venezuela (Bandes) and its subsidiaries located in Bolivia and Uruguay are a direct attack on Venezuela’s social programs and an effort to stop the implementation of social and productive plans in the country.


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