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Venezuelan Talks Collapse in Norway After Opposition Persist With Regime Change

Talks aimed at ending the Venezuelan crisis have collapsed in Norway after opposition representatives persisted in their demands for illegal regime change.

Repeating their continued call for democratically-elected President Nicolás Maduro to step-down in place of a “transitional government”, the opposition’s unwillingness to reason has been seen as a primary factor in the failure of the talks.

Despite an unwillingness to move on the key issue, however, some hope for a future settlement remains after indications that other issues might be open to compromise.

“The parties have demonstrated their willingness to move forward in the search for an agreed-upon and constitutional solution for the country, which includes political, economic, and electoral matters.”

Norwegian Foreign Ministry

While opposition representatives were said to willing to make adjustments to some of their positions by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, those claims seem at odds with opposition figurehead Juan Guaidó who called for further “street protests” after the failure of the talks.

Guaidó, who led the coup against Maduro earlier this year, has unilaterally declared himself as President of Venezuela and met with President Donald Trump to discuss potential military action against his own country.

Venezuelan opposition envoy says Trump ‘committed’ to their cause. English subtitles available.

The Oslo talks were arranged in March after Norway announced it was willing to act as a mediator for talks between the elected Venezuelan government and U.S.-backed opposition in an effort to avert bloodshed and end U.S. sanctions which have crippled the people of Venezuela.

Venezuela has thanked Norway for their efforts and reiterated their desire for a positive outcome in the name of peace.

“After important working days in Oslo, the Government of the Kingdom of Norway reports on progress in the process of political dialogue between the Venezuelan Bolivarian government and Venezuela’s opposition. We thank Norway’s efforts for peace”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza



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