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US-Backed Insurgent Coup Underway In Venezuela, Guaidó Calls for Military Assault

Taking the final step from would-be usurper into outright terrorism, the United States backed “opposition” leader Juan Guaidó has called for a military coup in Venezuela, prompting outbreaks of violence in the country.

Guaidó seems to have thrown off all pretence of democracy and legality, proclaiming himself to be backed by the army and calling on other members of the military to heed his call to arms and stage a coup against the elected government of Nicolás Maduro.

“People of Venezuela, let’s take to the streets… to support the end of the usurpation, which is irreversible… The National Armed Forces have taken the correct decision, they have the support of the people of Venezuela, and the backing of our constitution, they are guaranteed to be on the right side of history”

Juan Guaidó

In a three minute video that has only exposed Guaidó and his motivations, the insurgent leader appeared alongside Leopoldo López, López having been jailed after inciting previous violence.

The attempted coup by the United States and Guaidó has been condemned by members of the international community, with Bolivian President Evo Morales saying that the right-wing coup was at the behest of “foreign countries”.

“We strongly condemn the coup attempt in Venezuela performed by the right wing, which is submissive to foreign interests. Confident that the courageous Bolivarian Revolution at the head of the brother Nicolas Maduro, will be imposed on this new attack of the empire.”

Bolivian President Evo Morales

Statements of support have also come from Cuba, with opposition parties in Brazil also offering their solidarity. Other countries, such as Spain, have said that while they support legitimate democratic opposition they stand against any attempted military coup.

The ongoing coup is the biggest escalation yet in the American engineered crisis and a move into undeniable criminality by Guaidó and so-called opposition groups. The move is being seen as a bold one, the military said to be overwhelmingly behind Maduro and the revolution. However, the possibility stands that the coup is designed only to create false narratives of “abuses” by the Venezuelan government and to give the United States a pretext to intervene.



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