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“Unhinged” Hillary Clinton Accuses Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein of Being Russian Assets

Failed American Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton descended yet further into the realm of paranoia yesterday, accusing Green Party leader Jill Stein and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) of being assets for Russia in comments derided as “unhinged and shameful”.

Clinton, whose frequent Russiaphobic outbursts have become something of an embarrassment to the DNC, stated that Russia had “their eye” on “someone” in the democratic primaries and were “grooming her to be the third-party candidate.”

While Clinton didn’t name Gabbard directly, she was direct in her accusation against Jill Stein, inferring that the Green Party deliberately split the 2016 vote at the behest of Russia.

“That’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she’s also and Russian asset. Yeah, she’s a Russian asset – I mean, totally.”

Hillary Clinton

The shameful comments were condemned as “gutter trash” by journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Jill Stein called the comments slanderous and challenged Clinton to a debate.

Tulsi Gabbard responded in full to the comments, making both her and a sizeable number of Democrat voters thoughts abundantly clear.

Despite the shocking accusation, one with potential criminal implications, Clinton has yet to provide any evidence for her claims and seems to be peddling the kind of conspiracy theories and fake news that we have come to expect from the Trump administration.

The former Secretary of State seems unable to come to terms with her own role in the ascension of Donald Trump and has yet to take responsibility for the disaster that was the 2016 American Presidential election, preferring instead to primarily blame Russia, the “deplorable” American people, The Green Party splitting the vote, socialism or even her own party.

As neoliberalism dies around the world as a political force, we have seen repeated and continued outbursts and anger from an elite losing their grip on power, control and wealth.

Clinton’s behaviour exposes the lie that the DNC neoliberal elite is in any way morally superior to the extremes of Donald Trump. Clinton, Biden and others amongst the so-called liberal elite have done little but undermine the burgeoning democratic socialist and anti-war movements within the U.S. government, undermining Bernie Sanders at every opportunity and refusing to support the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar from far-right agitation and threats.

The rise of fascism in the 1930s offers us many lessons, yet one we must always remember is that there were a great many people, particularly amongst business and aristocratic elites, who would have happily preferred a fascist government to a democratic socialist one. And so it remains.



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