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Prospective Conservative Party Candidate Said Women “Should Keep Their Knickers On” to Stop Rape

BBC radio presenter Nick Conrad, who once claimed that women should “should keep their knickers on” to “avoid giving men “the wrong signals” is bidding to become the Conservative party election candidate for the Broadland constituency.

Conrad, who has given up his job presenting BBC Radio Norfolk’s breakfast show, is bidding to replace Keith Simpson who is stepping down after 22 years in the House.

It was in 2014 that Conrad caused outrage when discussing the rape conviction of footballer Ched Evans.

The presenter suggested live on air that women were “partially responsible” if they “jump into bed naked with a man [and] give him all the signals and then he acts upon them”.

Conrad said that women needed to be “more aware” of men’s desires.

“When you’re in that position that you are about to engage in sexual activity there’s a huge amount of energy in the male body, there’s a huge amount of will and intent… very difficult for many men to say no when they are whipped up into a bit of a storm”

Nick Conrad, potential MP

He would further suggest that feminists had “hijacked” the debate.

“But [feminists] then in their fury against men and masculinity they actually forget to stop and say if you tease, if you jump into bed naked with a man if you give him all the signals and then he acts upon them then you are partially responsible.”

Nick Conrad, potential MP

“What I’m trying to say is that women also have to understand that when a man’s given certain signals he’ll wish to act upon them and if you don’t wish to give out the wrong signals it’s best probably to keep your knickers on and not get into bed with him. Does that make sense?”

Nick Conrad, potential MP

The comments, which not only victim blame women who are victims of sexual assault and rape but absolve perpetrators of their guilt, were condemned by activists and campaigners. Ofcom received almost 50 complaints about the comments.

Despite calls for his sacking or resignation, Conrad somehow managed to keep his job.

Later that same year it was revealed that Conrad put pressure on a woman to remove a petition that had called for him to be sacked, threatening to report her to the police for “inciting violence against my family.”

Speaking on Twitter, the woman involved in the 2014 petition, Kirsty Strickland, revealed more details of Conrad’s intimidating behaviour.

Strickland was disappointed in the response of the BBC, the Corporation keeping the DJ on the air.

“When I spoke to the BBC on Sunday they were quite helpful first of all but the next day when I asked them to find out about his threats of legal action I just got completely stonewalled, shut down, dismissed and hung up on. It’s not good enough – not only to allow him to say all those outrageous things on air but he’s then pursued this campaign against me where he went out of his way looking for me as an individual and sent me these messages. It seems to me the BBC are backing the wrong person here – they’re meant to stand for responsibility, impartiality and the values of this country.”

Kirsty Strickland

Following their support for him in 2014, the BBC have continued to back Conrad, featuring his candidature on BBC’s Look East.



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