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Palestinian Flag Shown at Eurovision and Zionists Lose Their Minds

Israel’s plan to artwash their crimes against the Palestinian people backfired last night as Icelandic act Hatari revealed pro-Palestine banners during the show.

Unveiling the banners during the scoring phase of the show, the banners brought a hail of boos and jeers from the Zionist crowd who were seemingly more offended by a mere flag than the abuses carried out by their nation. The moment also brought a sharp reaction from the Twitter troll factory.

No irony was shown by the UK based Jewish News editor as he described events as happening in Israel’s “back yard”

Typical “patriot” account showing some far-right love

The negative Tweets were a sharp contrast to the thousands of statements of support for Hatari and Iceland from Palestinians and supporters around the globe.

The banners were subsequently seized by officials.

Hatari is an Icelandic multimedia performance project from Reykjavík “that unveils the relentless scam that is everyday life.” Playing a fusion of techno, industrial and punk rock, they have been awarded “Best Live Band” by The Reykjavík Grapevine for two consecutive years and compared to the likes of Rammstein, Linkin Park, AFI and Tokio Hotel.

Palestinian human rights activists condemned the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Israel given the country’s appaling human rights record against the Palestinians, their regular breaches of international law and general belligerence against their neighbours.

While Israel had hoped to use the contest to promote the lie of Israel democracy and societal cohesion, the event has served only to highlight the struggles of Palestine across social media and, through the actions of Hatari, via the broadcast itself.

While the Netherlands officially won the contest, it seems that the people’s winner is not only Iceland and Hatari, but the people of Palestine.



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