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Never Starmer: New Polls Suggests Labour Party to Commit Electoral Suicide and Elect Keir Starmer As Leader

As newly-released polling shows that Keir Starmer is allegedly the current favourite to win the Labour leadership contest, fears are mounting of neoliberal entryism into the contest and a purge of socialist MPs and party members.

While the poll is by the discredited YouGov and has been released before formal campaigning, the result is none the less alarming.

The candidacy of the ever-ambitious Starmer, one of the chief architects of the so-called “chicken coup” against Jeremy Corbyn and the failed Brexit second referendum policy, is an attempt by neoliberals to wrestle back control of Labour from the party membership.

As a knighted millionaire and prominent arch-Remainer, Starmer has absolutely no hope of ever winning the support or backing of the working class. His leadership would be an official end to Labour being the party of the workers and a wholesale retreat from the midlands and the north. The retreat of Labour into being the new Liberal Democrats would leave a void on the left and push Britain into a perpetual state of right-wing politics of the kind seen in the United States.

Neoliberal economics of austerity and division are beginning to fall across the globe. From their birthplace in Chile to the weekly protests of the Gilets Jaunes and the rise of Bernie Sanders, the masses are calling for change and seeking action against the establishment. Yet this dying ideology has no interest in adapting or stepping aside, it is clinging to power by deception, lies, tear gas and batons.

Labour clinging to this dead ideology will lead to a historic wipeout at the next general election, leaving voters disenfranchised or under the influence of the far-right rhetoric of Farage and Johnson. This rhetoric and rise of the right has only ever been countered by socialist strength.

Good luck challenging the establishment under the leadership of a knight of the realm.

The rise of Starmer is no doubt being encouraged by entryism from Lib Dems interested in still fighting Brexit and from returning Blairites. The prospect of a Starmer victory will raise fears amongst Labour’s membership that socialist thought and policies will soon enough be extinguished, despite promises by Starmer.

There already being numerous calls for purges by centrists and Zionists.

The socialist left that makes up the majority of the party must stand firm and back a single socialist candidate and be prepared to fight a dirty campaign against desperate neoliberals who see this contest as their best and potentially last chance to regain the party. There are no depths to which they will not stoop.

The neoliberal/socialist infighting cannot continue for the next five years and a victory for a socialist candidate must be followed by open selection and the eradication of unwanted centrism from the party for good. In the same way, a defeat that results in a Keir Starmer victory must be followed by an immediate mass exodus of socialist supporters, Momentum and the Unions away from Labour and into a new party. 

We cannot be fighting for 5 years to regain control of the party or hoping for socialist crumbs from Sir’s centrist table.

As socialists we are used to the difficult path and are not beholden to party nor personality, rather we are beholden to the people and the people are in no way served by the neoliberalism, austerity and imperialism of New Labour.

Neither will they be served by Keir Starmer.



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