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Momentum Join Forces With Extinction Rebellion

Momentum is to join forces with Extinction Rebellion for a protest this coming Wednesday outside Parliament, the groups joining with youth climate strikers to call on the government to back Labour’s call for the declaration of a climate emergency.

Labour has supported Extinction Rebellion’s call and declared their own environment and climate emergency last month, having forced a vote on the issue on the same day as the planned protest.

The rally in Parliament Square will demand that the government backs the plan, the primary demand of the protestors who have raised awareness across the capital for the past two weeks.

Laura Parker, a spokesperson for Momentum, said that it was “disgraceful” that the Conservative government and Theresa May had ignored public calls for action on climate change, an issue created by the elites and corporations, an issue which experts contend is leading to the suffering of millions of ordinary people and workers around the globe.

“It’s disgraceful that Theresa May has sat on her hands, refused to meet the climate strikers and ignored the huge public outcry about the climate crisis. Climate change isn’t caused by ordinary people. It’s caused by elite politicians, oil executives and bankers who all profit from causing climate breakdown.”

Laura Parker, Momentum

The move comes as there appeared to be some level of consensus developing as to the need for the government to accept the climate emergency, Extinction Rebellion set to meet with Sadiq Khan and John McDonnell on Tuesday and environment secretary Michael Gove on Wednesday.

Laura Parker says that it is only Labour who can deliver the green new deal that is desperately needed for the future of both the environment and economy, saying that the “climate-wrecking elite” of the Conservative Party has​ only the interests of their fellow 1% at heart.

“Only Labour can challenge this climate-wrecking elite and deliver a green industrial revolution, which will mitigate climate breakdown whilst transforming our economy and society in the interests of the many, not the few.”

Laura Parker, Momentum

Extinction Rebellion is​ also calling for the government to take action to halve biodiversity losses alongside reducing Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025. These demands are all acknowledged and equally proposed in the grassroots Labour campaign for a Green New Deal, a plan inspired by similar ​initiative​s started in the United States by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Climate change is fundamentally about class, because it means chaos for the many while the few profit. We’re starting a campaign to put the labour movement at the forefront of a green transformation in Britain, and to build grassroots support for a Green New Deal within the Labour party.”

You can support the campaign at: and on Twitter at @LabGND



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