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Labour Take 5 Point Lead in British Polls As Spanish Socialists Also Surge

The Labour Party have stormed into a five point lead in the British polls as the liklihood of an election looms.

After weeks of turmoil, controversy and incompetence from the Conservative Party, including the continuing and growning disastrous handling of Brexit, more horror stories from the imposition of austerity and several race rows, Labour have surged to 41% in the polls, 5 points clear of the Tories on 36%. While this would create yet another hung-parliament, a deal with the SNP or other parties would put Labour into power for the first time in nearly a decade.

On cue, the news of a Corbyn surge has brought Tony Blair out of the woodwork to once again push for neoliberal centrism, insisting that Labour should drop its socialist policies and that Labour would not defeat a Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson. The latest intervention by Blair comes as talk gathers pace in Westminister around a “government of national unity,” one that will be said to be “to deliver Brexit” as a mask for what others are calling plans for a “democratic” neoliberal coup d’état to keep Corbyn out of Downing Street.

Meanwhile, in Spain, recent polls suggest a similar surge for the socialists, having increased their lead in a recent poll to 30.9%, the equivalent of between 131 and 134 seats in the 350-seat parliament. The number is still short of a majority however ahead of the general election on April 28.
Support for the Socialists has increased by 0.3% on the last poll by GAD3, published in the same ABC newspaper on March 10. 

Socialist Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, called the snap election after Catalan secessionists joined with the right-wing parties in parliament and rejected the budget. With words that perhaps Theresa May might heed, Sánchez said that given a choice between doing nothing, continuing and allowing the nation a say, he chose an election.

“Between doing nothing and continuing without the budget, and calling on Spaniards to have their say, I choose the second. Spain needs to keep advancing, progressing with tolerance, respect, moderation and common sense”

Pedro Sánchez, Spanish Prime Minister

The socialists could potentially gain a majority if Sánchez can win the support of other parties, including Podemos and win back the favour of the Catalan secessionists.



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