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Labour Suspend Yet Another BAME Member and Socialist NEC Candidate

The Labour Party has suspended yet another candidate for the NEC after a complaint was made over either his applause following a speaker’s comment at a Labour Party meeting or the usual fake news claims of “antisemitism”.

In a report that almost sounds like satire, Skwawkbox has revealed that Mehmood Mirza has been suspended despite gaining 75 nominations from local parties. The precise nature of the complaint against Mirza is said to be unknown but a source revealed to the website that a complaint was made over Mirza applauding a comment by a speaker at a Labour Party meeting and walking around after members were asked to remain seated.

The Telegraph meanwhile claims that Mirza has been suspended as part of the “antisemitism” witch-hunt, allegedly posting an “antisemitic cartoon” on his Facebook. The cartoon, which is about as antisemitic as a Christmas Carol, depicts a Palestinian activist’s mouth taped shut with a sticker which says “antisemitism” on it, quite clearly and intelligently depicting Zionist weaponisation of antisemitism to silence the voice of human rights activists who stand against Israeli apartheid and genocide in occupied Palestine.

Law graduate Mirza is the Vice-Chair (Membership) of West Ham CLP and identifies himself as a human rights activist and socialist backer of Jeremy Corbyn. He has been a member of the party for many years and is a grassroots activist.

“Mehmood campaigned tirelessly for Labour in the general election. He has always been at the forefront of demonstrations for campaigns like Stand Up To Racism, Stop the War, Stop and Agaisnt Universal Credit, climate change, for social housing and against the acadamisation of our schools. During the Christmas period, he helped in the kitchen at the local sheltered centre for homelesss people”

Official campaign literature

No matter what the true nature of the complaint against Mehmood, both are vexatious in the extreme and Labour once again finds itself in the position of having suspended a socialist candidate for the NEC and having suspended yet another BAME member of the party for having the temerity to stand for the human rights of the Palestinians, a growing list which includes the likes of Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth, Tony Greenstein and many more.

Mehmood, alongside Jo Bird, was backed by the Organising Group of the Labour Left Alliance.

“We need NEC representatives who actively and openly stand up to the witch-hunt in the party. Jo Bird and Mehmood Mirza have demonstratively done so and would no doubt use their position on the NEC to continue this fight.”

Labour Left Alliance

The continued efforts to silence BAME candidates on the issue of Palestine, including the voices of socialist Jews and Muslims, is beginning to have the whiff of racism around it.

The latest move comes days after the suspension of socialist candidate Graham Durham for calling the Chief Rabbi “a Tory”. The pro-Zionist Jewish Chronicle stated that Graham was suspended after a meeting featuring Momentum candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey, Graham criticising Long-Bailey’s alignment with the Zionist lobby by allegedly saying that “she has been cuddling up to the Jewish Labour Movement and the Chief Rabbi, a well-known Tory. We should not be allowing that.”

Earlier this month, Labour suspended the Jewish Jo Bird and Asian Mohammed Azam who were standing for the NEC on a socialist platform. The two candidates are noted for their stance in favour of Palestinian rights and are highly popular amongst the grassroots of the party. Unfortunately, both were opposed by Momentum who are making a concerted effort to undermine party democracy to ensure their anointed candidates are elected to the NEC, even at the expense of genuine socialists and activists.

With four suspensions of socialist NEC candidates now on the table, there can be little doubt that a concerted effort to undermine the democracy of the NEC election is well in hand and the Zionist lobby and Labour centre, aided and abetted by Momentum, are seeking to seize the key positions of power throughout Labour by any means necessary.

Main image cropped from campaign literature



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